Big Lap WA 2015- Esperance WA Day 27 and 28

So now we are in Esperance. It’s our fourth week.. which means we are now half way through our trip! Just starting to unwind and relax.

We left Hyden and Wave Rock at 9.00 am and drove back down to the coast, we did things the upside down way really.. it made more sense to come from Albany along the coast to Esperance and then inland to Hyden, but oh well it’s done now. This visit to the coast has been much friendlier than Albany’s visit.

We ate lunch in the car I had made some sandwiches and so we stopped went to the Loo gave our legs a stretch and then just kept on driving we got here at 2.50pm. The sites here are huge and grassed and have matting on them it gives a little  bit of padding for the bottom of the tent. The sites are 30 foot by 30 foot square which means we can stretch out a bit unlike at Hyden/Wave Rock it was a miniscule little site.

Esperance WA 002

Some of the views of the amazing coast line of Esperance.

Esperance WA 003

Beautiful sparkling white beaches

Esperance WA 004

They just kept going on, no wonder the artists enjoy this spot so much!

Esperance WA 005

All the different shades of blues.

Once camp was set up we did the “Great Ocean Drive” a stretch of road which goes for 38 kilometres and you stop at various out looks and see the different beaches and bays and interesting rock formations, and in the right season whales, we haven’t spotted any yet, I think we’ve missed them! It was amazing to stop and be in awe at the beaches and the amazing colours, we said we’d come back to explore, probably we won’t but it was worth doing the drive. The drive doubled back and went past the “Pink Lake” it’s called the Pink Lake due to some of the algae that grow in it and sometimes it is very bright Pink, like neon pink, sadly it’s not while we are here. So that was disappointing.

We had Chinese food for dinner and Star Son had MacDonald’s because that’s what he does. Early bed night it was too cold to stay up.

Day 28- This morning we woke late.. when I say “late” I mean Late for us it was almost 7.30am a sleep in woo hoo! There was bright sunshine and already you could feel the heat. We had our breakfast and then headed into the Esplanade to see the Diving and fishing charter place, the boys have decided that for my birthday this year we will go on a fishing charter and knock that off my “bucket list” But the Bloke wanted to talk to the guy running the cruises to make sure that some fish would be actually caught, he reassured us that last Sunday 9 people went out and came back with 90 fish! and not little tiny ones either. We have to meet at 6.00am and then get back to shore by 2.30pm and the extravagant cost includes all rods and fishing gear and a full BBQ lunch with drinks and stuff. It’s expensive, but the Bloke says I’m worth it and so we are doing it. We are just waiting to hear back from the company to confirm that it will be Sunday not tomorrow (Saturday) which we would have preferred we were going to leave here on Sunday for Fraser Range Station, so we will stay an extra day and I’ll spend my birthday at Sea with the HUGE fishes. They clean them all for you and keep them in ice until the trip is done. Sadly the cost is the same for 13 yr old Star Son as it is for us and that’s an OUCH.. but we have been frugal with our expenses this trip, to the point where I’ve crossed a LOT of things off my “to do” list. Ok Peter just called it’s all go for Sunday!

After we booked in for the fishing charter, we went for a walk down the jetty and along the beach, into town to the shops, I posted off Star Son’s school work he’s been doing and then did some grocery shopping before coming back to camp for lunch (left over Chinese food)

The Boys decided to go fishing to the nearby jetty and I didn’t feel like fishing but I took my book along to sit in the sun and read, wrong… it was so windy, none of us could wear our hats and the boys gave up after about 35 minutes in the fishing idea. Instead we headed to “Museum Town” a little town which has old buildings now used as little shops. Got our selves an ice cream and now we are back at camp for the afternoon evening. Can’t wait for my shower!

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