Big Lap WA 2015- Day 31- Fraser Range Station.

We were awake early again, it’s like a common thing now, the day begins early and ends early, not such a bad thing I guess, camp was dismantled and we were on the road by 9.00am. First stop was the supermarket to replenish stocks and then we are starting to move our way East and heading home slowly. We had been going to stop at Fraser Range Station on the way over but then decided to keep going. This time there was little choice because it’s such a long way across the desert and so we did a quick three-hour trip, north and then east to the Fraser Ranges, where we spent the night on a Sheep Station,

Ok, I’m going to complain a little bit, I’ve been good so far and taken things in my stride but I was disappointed.

“Sheep Station” you would expect there to be some “Sheep” actually I’d have been happy to see any animals. We got there and checked in, paid for a “powered site” which was lovely, we were under some lovely old peppercorn trees and it was hot and the oils were being released beautiful, the camp kitchen also beautiful, huge, clean and stocked with pots, pans, toaster, kettle  crockery and cutlery, we didn’t even unpack our own kitchen! Huge wooden table with bench seats and some comfy arm chairs and a TV. It was the best bit. It was $ 33 per night so not one of the cheaper places we’ve been too, but I was like “Oh it’s an experience, we will be on a sheep station” I thought we might have seen some sheep and learnt about the place. So we booked in for the “Sun set Cruise” which was a 3 hour 4 WD tour with nibbles to watch the sunset” then it got cancelled. I thought they might tell us the history of the place and show us some sheep and it would be all good… nope.. we didn’t see a sheep, not even a chicken! The Boys ( Star Son had met up with Tim from Esperance and his family and was happy!) came running to tell us about the Emu and her chicks all six of them, that was the most exciting thing.

The Mozzies were horrible and so we spent a lot of time in the camp kitchen sitting around talking to different people and we had bacon and eggs for dinner. I had originally wanted to stay two nights but we knew that when Tim and his family left the following day the place would lose interest for Star Son so we only opted for one night. Although they were looking for people to stay on and help around the place, I would so love that!!

But… where are the Demara sheep that I read about in the history book, they have horns and don’t have fleece like regular sheep instead they grow hair! and they are used for the leather (makes nice gloves apparently) and their meat is sold to Japan… where were they???

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