Big Lap WA 2015- Day 32 Fraser Range Station to Eucla WA

Today we were awake early (what’s new?) and what do you think woke me up? a sheep!!

So if you read yesterdays post you’ll know we are staying on a “”Sheep Station” but we haven’t seen a sheep.. so I was disappointed this morning I heard one at least so I got up and convinced the Bloke to come with me to go find that sheep, I really wanted to see what these “Demara” Sheep looked like..So we got dressed and off we went in search of these mysterious sheep with the funny names and horns and hair instead of fleece… boy was I disappointed again… it was a regular sheep in a pen with two goats.

Obviously they have a real “homestead” else where because there wasn’t even a single chicken to be seen or heard! I was disappointed and if it were my property I’d have a sample of animals for “City slickers” like us to see and interact with… I think Kids would love to see a sheep, maybe pet one, feed a lamb, or whatever..So while we were up and dressed we decided might as well start packing up. We had most of our tent down and dismantled by the time Star Son woke up and so we sent him to the camp kitchen with Tim and his family so we could pack up his tent, by 8.15am we were outta there and one the road..

Its the road for home.. we’re headed back east, we still have stops to make and things to do and see but essentially we are heading for home slowly, we still have about 3/5 weeks left. We are meeting friends Melbourne Cup Weekend in The Grampians but then we have a few days after that also.

Esperance, Fraser Range Station 068

This was the view for most of today, we crossed the longest straight piece of road in Australia 146 kms.. it was dead straight!!


Esperance, Fraser Range Station 069Tonight we are staying in Eucla Motel to have a one night stop and rest our bones before another LOOOONG Drive tomorrow..

Tomorrow we head across the Nullabor and also across the border to South Australia, so tonight is our last night in Western Australia. Would I do it again? Probably not, I did love Esperance, I would go back there again and there are still a few National Parks I’d like to explore, but this road across the Nullabor and the stretch we did today is LO NG and hard, and tonight we checked into a motel to find that half of the people from Fraser Range are also here, we’ve arranged to meet them for dinner in the bar!!

I love the desert I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s long and its tiring, who would have thought it.. I have told the Bloke and Star Son on more than one occasion I preferred the trip up the middle and down the east coast of Australia. I am also now in agreeance with the Bloke, that we will not be making anymore LONG trips with the tents again, it’s just too muh hard work setting up and dismantling and even on nights like to tonight were we are in a motel room for $166 per night and then we have to buy dinner which will be some stupid price, probably $100 for the three of us, it makes u feel guilty for NOT setting up the tents and coming for ourselves… but by the time we set up the tents or just even one tent and the kitchen there’s a good hour gone, it’ll be time to sleep and get up and another hour to dismantle and be gone, it seems so stupid.

Tonight I got to talk to my Squishy boy (our 22 month old Grandson) on Face time and he was so grown up, blowing us kisses and showing us his eyes, nose, mouth, ears and tummy! So cute!! I miss the babies now.

Next big stop for us is either Streaky Bay or Ceduna, we will see how we feel as we drive East tomorrow as to how far we get!

Time to go to the Bat for dinner,, I am so excited for a hot shower and to wash my hair tonight… at Fraser Range last night it was $1.00 for five minutes for a shower..

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