Big Lap WA 2015- Day 33 Hot Hot Hot!!

When I last left you we were installed in a Motel room in the middle of the desert in a place called “Eucla” which is about 12 kilometres from the border of WA and Sth Australia.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 006

View from my window.. desert! LOVE it!!

We were running on “eastern standard time” why they do that is beyond me because the previous day we had gone from WA time 1.00pm to EST (Eastern Standard time) back to 11.15am go figure.. but its only a short space of kilometres because then we cross the border to Sth Australian time and they have Day Light Savings which WA do NOT.. silly I think but hey, I don’t make the rules I try to follow them.

So today I was awake super early 5,00am broad daylight and there were people talking and then a huge motorcycle started up and that my friends was the end of my sleep!!
Once I’m awake I might as well be up and so we were “on the road again” by 8.00am!

Twelve Kilometres ( 7.4 miles for my Overseas friends)  later we crossed the border from Western Australia into South Australia and surprise the time changed too….  10 am EST turned into 11.45am South Australian time.. it’ll change again when we get to the Victoria border.. but this way at least I am a bit closer in time frame to my Grand babies in case I want to “Face time” them. It was already hot 29.5C ( 85.1 F) and the wind was stupid, I was so glad we were not in tents right then. The Bloke said the car was blowing all over the road. The other bad thing about the wind is the fuel consumption gets all mixed up, previously we have been getting as low as 7 litres per one hundred kilometres. This day however we were up to 10 litres per 100 kilometres.. it was a bad fuel day and we were crossing the Nullabor Plain, remember Null= Nothing/No and  Arbor = Trees, so it’s  called the “Treeless Plains” and part of it were just that, although it was so hot it was also cloudy and grey so it made for nice traveling, well, the Bloke doesn’t agree. Plus there is a section of road which is 90 miles long (144 kilometres) of dead straight, nothing to look at road, just goes on and on and on… I was glad to do that section in the grey cloudy day despite the howling winds.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 007

love the road signs!

I can honestly tell you that this day is the worst of all the travelling days.. I love the desert but I’m glad to be off it!

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 008

Null= Nothing/No and Arbor= Trees so.. Treeless Plains.. yes indeed!

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 009

90 miles Straight road!

By 2.15pm we had arrived at Ceduna, interesting side fact, the border crossing from WA to Sth Australia was way back at 10 am so we expected to be pulled over and have the car thoroughly searched as had happened on the way over, so I had ditched most of the fruit and veg but I had I think three apples left, I was trying to eat them before I had to surrender them, BUT on the way back we didn’t have to surrender “our illegal produce” until we were entering Ceduna, I handed over three apples and half a cucumber.. the man was so hot and tired and lazy he didn’t even ask to look into the fridge or the car he just waved us on… silly man! It was 38 C at that time and we had driven 494 kilometres in the howling wind, so we were all glad to arrive in Streaky Bay and know that they had a site available for us. I’d hate to know what would have happened if they didn’t have anything.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 066There were LOTS of pelicans!

It’s a pretty little caravan park on the edge of a very shallow bay and we had to walk out a long way to find some water to paddle in once we were set up and ready to swim, no swimming to be had it was as shallow as my ankle and as warm as a baby bath.

We again caught up with Tim and his family, it’s fun to meet up with people we know and Tim and Will have swapped numbers so we can keep in contact when we get back home. I’m scared that camping will lose it’s gloss when Tim and his family move on and we eventually don’t meet up anymore.

Amazing to be back into Daylight savings territory it’s still light later and we enjoyed a lovely sunset full of pinks and mauve and pretty colours, just getting dark at 10 pm!

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