Big Lap WA 2015- Day 34- Streaky Bay and surrounds

So this morning we got to sleep in.. it was after 7.00am before we opened our eyes, Oh heavenly!

We went to the Jetty to check it out, we thought that we might go fishing on the jetty but by 10 am it was already hot.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 021

Walking along the Jetty

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 022 

Fenced Pool Area off the Jetty

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 023

The verdict was.. “Ït’s bloody freezing”

Also The Bloke had spoken to someone at the camp that had caught some blue swimmer crabs on the jetty and so he wanted to see about getting a net and catching some himself. *Sigh* men and their hunting mindsets! Also speaking to the locals he heard about a beach that was actually deep enough to go swimming in, unlike our bay at the caravan park it was called “Little Islands Beach” and so we went off to explore and find that beach, and we were glad we did! It was a pretty little beach with two small islands quite nearby and since the tide was still out we were able to walk over to one of the little islands and have a look. Also at our caravan park we had been reading signs about “Razor fish” and their shells.. yeah, seemed weird to me too.. they look like some kind of shell fish and yet are called “Razor FISH” at “little Islands beach” we understood why, when we found a huge stack of their shells, huge shells and razor sharp!

After we had explored “little Islands beach” and gotten sick of brushing away the flies which are really sticky in South Australia we moved onto the next place that the Bloke had heard about on his favourite website called “Wiki camps” it’s an app that we both have, it lists all the free camping spots in Australia and one of them were at a small community called “Perlubie Beach” the community is called a “Sustainable community” and it didn’t go into too much details about  what that entails but it was a tiny community, we saw more lizards on the roads than people moving about.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 042

Perlubie Beach.

We found “Perlubie Beach” and we all said “Wow! we would stay here” the only problem being is we need a 4WD to get onto the beach to set up camp or take a van onto the beach, but wow, what a beach! and it’s a “suggested”$5.00 a day donation.. $5.00 a day is less than one of us spends on lunch!!

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 043

Perlubie Pano.

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 044

Perlubie Beach.. deserted!

Back to camp for lunch and to check out what the tide was doing… it was still out..

After lunch we did the scenic tour, it’s a bout a 38 kilometre loop that too us to “Hally’s Beach” and several different sites to look at including some nice beaches.

The Flies have been driving us insane, I mean really?! some of our photos have been ruined with flies in our eyes, nose or mouth! We’ve been having a giggle at the people wandering around draped in black netting on their hats and saying “how ridiculous” they look, but today we actually weakened and went to the Hardware store looking for the nets. We found them, at bargain price of $4.95 we donned them and immediately the flies lost interest in us.. bonus!! I know we look ridiculous as well, but now I know WHY people risk looking ridiculous!

Eucla, Streaky bay and Coffin Bay 134

Fly Netting… I don’t even wear a hat with mine

 I am also hobbling along, a lot slower than I would usually walk, back on Monday at Fraser Range Station as we went to walk up the hill, I felt something “click” in my leg and then a really bad cramping pain, I hobbled on and took only a little bit of notice about it. But it’s never been right since, with all the driving we’ve been doing I’m able to rest it, but then today as I went to take a step sideways, I stumbled over a tree root and heard the “Click”” again in my leg and the pain is worse, so the Bloke went and got me some “Deep Heat” to see if that helps.

The weather is turning bad and so tonight, we got frozen pizzas and garlic bread and we utilised the “Camp Kitchen” and all it had to offer including dry and warm seats! and an oven and kitchen sink and full fridge, which we put our ice blocks into the freezer and our meat for the next few days, then we can put them in our fridge frozen and they’ll last longer.

After shower and hair washing, the Bloke massaged some deep heat into my leg and it’s cold so we are going to bed early, tomorrow we are moving on to “Coffin Bay” he’s changed my itinerary again, we were “Supposed” to go to Port Lincoln.

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