Big Lap WA 2015- Day 35- Off to Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay.. the name is enough to scare you.. but funnily enough it’s not named after the “thing”that is a coffin it’s named because… British naval explorer Matthew Flinders named the bay on 16 February 1802 in honour of his friend Sir Isaac Coffin, who was Resident Naval Commissioner at Sheerness, where the Investigator was fitted out… (Taken from Wiki)

We left camp at 8.50 am a slower than usual pack up but my leg is still not good and so I’m hobbling around like a Grandma that I am. At 4.00 am we had been awakened by huge crashing thunder and lightening, but luckily the rain wasn’t too severe, it pretty quickly passed us.

We found ourselves in Coffin Bay, and then heading out of town to the National Park, where we drove 15 kilometres into the National Park to our camping place, named “Yangie Bay” and the actual place we were at was called “Yangie Well

Once we found a place that we liked, we set up camp and then went back into “Coffin Bay” to go shopping, we brought ourselves some wood for a night time fire, and flour to make some damper which we forgot to do.. we also forgot to bring the meat from Streaky Bay, where we had put it in the freezer to freeze.. there goes $25.00 worth of fresh meat! Arghhh! We also brought a Crab net to put out and try to catch a blue swimmer crab. Troub;e with these camps as nice as they are and as quiet as they are there is also no internet.. which I miss!

Luckily we had a supply of canned stuff to eat so we didn’t starve!

It got cold at night so we had an early night, I think it was about 9,00pm by the time we went to bed. We haven’t decided yet how long we will stay here.

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