Big Lap WA 2015- Day 37- On the Road again… Port Augusta

So last night we snuggle up in bed and the Bloke says.. “Sheila I’ve been thinking…” those are the words we come to dread.. and I said “Uh oh! what now? Where are we going??” So he’s decided that we need a night of pampering, and we should get a cabin in Port Augusta for a night, have a shower, wash our hair, do some laundry. I must admit it didn’t take me long to agree, ” Yes please!” So we are tonight here in Port Augusta, it’s been a hot day 35C and it was a hot dusty drive. The first thing I did was have a shower, wash my hair and do a load of washing, my clothes smelt like fire so I wanted to wash them all.

Once the washing was in the machine we headed off to the shops, we decided to have some luxury for dinner.. Roast chicken with curry chicken pasta and a nice fresh salad, the Bloke added “French Cheese cake” to the luxury. We put the air con on and set about re packing the car, the clothes, talking to the Grand Babies on Face-time and just enjoying being in luxury.

We are staying at Port Augusta an Aspen Park it’s affiliated with Big 4 which we like for a bit of spoiling.

Now we have sat down and had time to think, we have 13 days to ” Kill”before we have to meet some friends in the Grampians in Victoria for the Melbourne Cup weekend, so that’s 30th October till 3rd November. We will still have just under a week before we are due home, so we have been trying to nut out a game plan as to where we will spend this last few weeks.

Tomorrow we are headed for the Hills of Adelaide. Because the weather is about to turn nasty, and so we want to avoid the coast. we are going to Handorf and we will explore the hills of Adelaide maybe do a day trip into Adelaide we will see.. After that we are off to Robe which is on the coast and was on my original list. After Robe, we are across the border into VIctoria our home state and we will stay “” a day or so” this has become a bit of a catch phrase… in Portland, then a few days in Warrnambool and then inland to The Grampians to meet my bestie and her family, we have planned to go to “the Little Desert”after that, but like I said all of this is subject to change…. now the only change I want is a real bed and an air conditioner.. good night peeps..

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