Big Lap WA 2015- Day 39- Hahndorf (Guten tag)

Hello or “good day” see I told you we would sample some German.

Today was the day for it, we got an early start, it had rained on and off most of the night and the sky was very grey and overcast but we were not going to let that stop us.

Hahndorf, Mildura 007

This sign tells you which way to go.

The first stop The Bloke decided to take us to the home of the famous painter Hans Heysen and his daughter Nora Heysen, who had their home there called “The Cedars” we were going to do a tour and have a look through the house and his and her Studios were they produced some amazing works so I am told. But at the last-minute I decided not to go because well, Master 13 would be bored and a bored child is no fun, he just makes me so mad, I would not have enjoyed it, so I consoled myself with the fact that “one day I will come back here on my own and see everything I WANT to see”

So we found the main street and parked the car and walked in and out of any and every shop we could, and took photos of the historic homes and I just soaked everything up. I love history so I was loving it despite the rain.


We visited the Fudge shop, where the man who owned the place was happily handing out samples of his fudge, and yes, even though not German we did buy some I chose the caramel, Will chose Cherry ripe and Rob the rum ‘n’ raisin. We are eating them slowly to make them last longer.

We also went into the Lollie shop, we didn’t buy anything there though. We also went to Fruchoco and thought about buying some but instead I brought t-shirts for my Babies at home. My favourite shops which I don’t have photos of because we were not permitted to take photos of anything in there was the German Village Shop which sold cuckoo clocks and all sorts of German things, I so wanted to buy myself a little cuckoo clock but I refrained. We worked our way up the main street and crossed the road and down the other side, in that time we found a pastry shop which made German Strudel and so as we were leaving we went back and got ourselves some Apple Strudel… (it was SOOO GOOD!!) and made plains to go back that evening for dinner at “The Olde Mill Inn” which had “Cheap Chewsday” a buffet selection of foods for $16.90 bargain! I found some German Bratwurst sausages 2 types and I tried Sauerkraut, I’d never had it before I know it’s cabbage but that’s about all I know but I will definitely try it again. I will ask my German Penpals for the recipes!!

We also visited some Art galleries and I loved seeing what other people are creating, but I must confess it made me miss my art studio as well, even though I brought a selection of art supplies it’s been so full on and go ,go, go, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and do any art.

This whole day made me a bit Melancholy and so in the afternoon after having another tiff with Star Son and the Bloke, I took myself off to the shower and had a good cry.  I feel like it’s time to go home. Maybe it’s the bad weather I don’t know but I’ve had enough.


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