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While we have been away we have had no “babies” I miss them but while I am not with them I am finding time to enjoy reading again and so here is a little snippet of what I’ve been reading while we’re away.. Sticking with my “Year of reading Australian Authors” the challenge I’m doing with “Meet me at Mikes” I’ve only brought away Aussie Author books and limited ones at that.. but I’ve been visiting Charity shops along the way and picking them up cheaply enough..

So here is what my Reading list look like…

I have been leaving the books in the laundry’s of caravan parks as we go along to save room and none of them (Except the Thorn Birds which is going to America) I need to read again or return to anyone, I am getting good at setting books free.. it used to kill me to do it, and now I look at it as a gift for some fellow traveller. I picked up one in the laundry “Brown Sugar” and a fellow traveller gave me Di Morrissey’s “Opal dreaming” when we were talking about Coober Pedy and finding opals.

So I have not been doing book reviews for any of these books, the internet reception has been sketchy at best and so I will resume my “Book Reviews” once we get back home.

01/08/2015-28/09/2015 The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough 591
18/09/2015-23/09/2015 Matlidas Last Waltz Tamara McKinley 410
23/09/2015-25/09/2015 Opal dreaming Di Morrissey 406
25/09/2015-28/09/2015 The Bride Stripped Bare Anonymous 376
28/09/2015-02/10/2015 Russell Crowe- Biography Tim Ewbanks and Stafford Hildred 285
02/10/2015-03/10/2015 A Banner Bold- The Diary of Rosa Aarons 163
03/10/2015-07/10/2015 Maggie Maggie Tabberera 430
07/10/2015-10/10/2015 Sweet Surrender Mary Moody 225
10/10/2015-15/10/2015 Brown Sugar Nancy Cato 256
16/10/2015-19/10/2015 An Indecent Obsession Colleen McCullough 317
19/10/2015-21/10/2015 White eye Blanche d’Alpuget 370
22/10/2015-23/10/2015 Reflections on Marriage Hazel Hawke 183
23/10/2015-24/10/2015 Heartless Tasma Walton 206
24/10/2015- Tears of the Moon Di Morrissey  

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