1st of June..

Hello everyone! I am back, too many excuses for not being here, I missed the whole blogging challenge. Lots been happening here and yet nothing worthy of reporting.


Here’s me doing what I do best…. being Grandma!

I discovered Bible Art Journaling, so I’ve spent a lot of time doing that recently.. let me share a few of my favourite pieces with you.

And then there’s my bible studies which have included the books of Deuteronomy and Ecclesiastes both were hard studies for me still a relative newbie. Now I am taking a break because the two different groups I am doing the studies with are now doing the other book.. which I’ve just finished. And to be honest I feel a little bit overwhelmed with these books and so I am not REDOING them!

I also started a Thursday night art class, which is nice and handy to home and it’s a lot of fun, we spend a great deal of the night laughing! Occasionally I produce work that shocks me with how good it is like these..

And then we started Friday night card classes, learning how to make greeting cards, so here a few we have made so far!

Did I also mention that I am going to be a Grandma for the fourth time again?! in only 9 weeks we will be welcoming into our family a little girl, baby sister for our Squishy boy!

So my daughter has been re arranging their home and painting and making everything just right, and Squishy’s new room is a forest theme, so we made him this Mobile..


Jasmin Designed it and started it, but I couldn’t resist and kind of took over and re worked it a little. We both love the end result. Then Amber decided to be crafty and make a mobile for Sweetpea and so I helped her also and made this one..


Then of course it was Mothers Day so my family brought me a Sizzix Big Shot machine and I can cut things out and make even more things, so here’s a sneak peak at something I am making for someone special.. I can’t tell yet because it’s not finished and they don’t know.. but here’s a peek!


So today I am kick starting June which is by the way the Official First Day of Winter.. and if you’ve read any of my previous posts I’m sure you’ve realized I struggle every year with Winter, we’re not BFF and we are certainly not BFFL I would go as far as to say Ï “HATE” Winter but then that too mean, so I am going to try once again, to embrace it.

So what better way to start off my “Embracing of winter” than a challenge.

I found this once posted on Facebook by a good friend and decided to take it up..

30-Day Generosity Challenge

You did it! By joining with others to make a positive change in your community, you helped lead the way to a better world. Keep the generosity movement going! Inspire members of your congregation, family and friends by completing a different act of generosity each day.

30 days Generosity Challenge.   There’s the link to have a read for yourself maybe you’d like to join me, I decided I could work my way back into regular blogging with this challenge and add photos too.

Here is week one’s challenges…

Week 1

Hold the door open for someone.

Pick up litter and throw it away.

Thank your bus driver.

Ask someone struggling with homelessness their story.

Give a friend a flower.

Pay for someone’s tank of gas.

Donate clothes to a charity.


So right away I have an issue since I don’t catch the bus and so I asked my friend, my friend is a chaplain and director of Family Life at Avon Ohio’s Lutheran church, so if he says it’s a good thing it must be.. here is his blog  Modern Pilgrim Journey

So anyways I spoke to James and said Ï don’t ride the bus. Can I substitute it?” he said “Yes add whatever you want it’ll be fun to see what you come up with” I decided that just because I don’t ride the bus doesn’t mean I can’t thank a bus driver.. so I will do that!

The other thing is I don’t know where I might find a homeless person.. does that sound shallow? I really haven’t seen any homeless people in my town!

So anyways, as I can I’ll take photos and add them and a blog about this challenge..

if you want to join in.. follow the links and come on over!

Check in soon and see what else I’m up to.




6 thoughts on “1st of June..

  1. Welcome Back! Busy, busy, I can relate to that.
    Just a question, not a criticism, but I noticed many are starting to paint or color in their Bibles. How will you be able to go back and read those pages? I was looking at your flock photo up close. Or do those who do this, just use a separate Bible?
    Also, as a “newbie”, you might want to study in the New Testament first, but read Genesis, Psalms and Proverbs. Those are not so hard to read and give you a good foundation.

    • Hi Lee, thus us a specific bible for bible art, which l am handing to my Grand daughter on her 21st birthday. I brought this bible knowing that it wouldn’t be read. The bible for reading for every day is by my bed. The bible study group l am working with started at Genesis and we are working our way through the bible, just finished Deuteronomy last Friday. In between each book we spend a week or so with either psalms or proverbs. And l have a few favourites that I go back and read often.

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