I just love this blog post by Joseyphina.

I have built fences too. To keep negative out and keep my sacred spaces mine, free of dramas and bad feelings. I can so relate to this post. To quote Joseyphina ” I’ll build myself a fence which will filter out what should influence me and what shouldn’t”

Read Joseyphina’s post.. Can you relate?!

Joseyphina's World

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I’m building myself a fence;

Not because I want to keep others out;

But because I want to keep myself

Within my bubble;

People and situations like to

Punch holes into my ‘containment’ bubble;

Some tried and succeeded;

Which took me days and months;

To patch up my bubble;

But now I need a fence;

So I can control

Who walks in and out;

What sentiments I hold on to;

And which ones I forbid proximity;

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