A Day to See

For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God, and the breath of all mankind. Just as my mouth can taste good food, so my mind tastes truth when I hear it. Job 12:10,11 Today’s Foo…

Source: A Day to See


And once again I am reminded that I need to slow down and enjoy the beauty that our God has created for us to enjoy. In Australia its Winter and I think, and yes, it might only be me, but I think that it’s been a colder winter than last year. This could maybe be because I am growing older and feeling the cold more. I also think its been a wetter winter than last year. On the weekend we went out driving in our new car and commented on all the water laying around on the pastures. But when I check the official stats for the water storages it tells me we are down on last years rain falls and capacity of held water, so obviously it’s just ME that thinks it’s wetter.

Let’s be honest here, I DO NOT like Winter, I do not like the cold at all, but since GOD designed the world like this who am I to complain? HE purposed that we would have winter at this time of the year so that our friends on the other side of the world could have summer. And when they are like me complaining about Winter, I will be complaining (I’m Sure!!) about the heat! As children of “MEN” it is our job to complain and want more and to not be satisfied. We are born sinners remember!  So when I read this post above and this bit in particular I am reminded, STOP COMPLAINING!!

May these works of your hands hit me like the wind of a crisp Autumn day hits my face. May I notice them. Slow me down and allow me to savor the beauty around me that is shouting your existence.

So today my prayer is “Dear God, please help me to stop complaining about Winter, Please help me to find something beautiful or at least positive in each day. Help me to notice that there are things that happen in Winter that don’t happen any other time of the year (Apart from my over eating of comfort foods and gaining of extra kilos) Lord, please remind me how I love the gentle patter of rain on the roof and that the rain is helping to refill the water storages that will take us through Summer and most of all Lord, help me to appreciate the work of YOUR hands in creating a sleeping winter landscape, in your name I pray Amen


I don’t like Winter.. and then God sends me this beautiful Winter Rose… I gave it to my Mother-in-law!


I don’t like Winter, but I get to spend moments like this… with my Sweetpea!

winerrobI don’t like Winter, and I hate being cold, so we look like THIS when we attend our Star Son’s football games, but I am thankful for the family outings and that our Son loves his sport!


Thank you “Cooking up Faith” for the gentle reminder again (Last week I also got a Gentle reminder!) and thank you for taking the time to share your faith with us who are still relatively new in God’s good words!

If you get a chance to follow the above link and read the original post, please do and while you are visiting read the mission statement..

I have copied it below, because THIS is what I want to be when I grow up… I am NOT there yet there are points I most surely need to work on, but guess what? God is patient and kind and forgiving and HIS timing is NOT my timing, I’ve got time to work on them all.


I Am a Woman of Faith:

I believe that God only has good intentions for my life.

I will respect all people and let God do the judging.

I know that good will come from everything in my life.

I will look at people’s hearts and intentions, not only their actions.

I help others when I see a need.

I am faithful to my husband and support him.

I watch what goes on in my home and work hard to maintain my home.

I speak wisely and kindly.

I live what I believe no matter what anyone thinks of me.

My beauty comes from my reverence and faithfulness to God.

I know my prayers are heard.

I believe scripture is living and active, and a powerful weapon against any stronghold.

I am forgiven with new mercies every morning.

~ Cooking Up Faith ~


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