I have been missing in action, I am sorry!

This year we have been having a massive de-clutter of our house and last weekend meant that we filled our third skip bin of the year. We have shuffled the house around, so and so’s room became so and so’s room and my art studio was relinquished to become a bedroom for my middle daughter. That was a hard thung to do, to empty the room of all my “stuff” to everyone else it was just junk or stuff, to me it was my “Art studio” I cried, I ranted, and I raved, I also smashed aLOT of stuff. I also cried out to God to make this process easier, I see-sawed between acceptance and hatred of what I was doing. 

Then I got really sad, and I spent a week or two on the verge of tears. If I didnt have an “Art studio” and I didn’t have all those art supplies (which were by now buried in the bottom of a skip bin!) how could I create art?! Ok, so now as I am spilling my guts in my blog, and reading these thoughts, I realise that was incrediably selfish, when so many other, much more important things are going on in the world. People are sick, home less, in debt, mourning, a whole range of other life changing situations, what am I whining over? I was going to my Thursday night art classes, which was helping me, at that stage it was the only “Art” that was happening. 

Its been a month now since that event, and more room changing, another skip bin, this time I promised myself I wouldn’t cry while I practised “Discardia” and de-cluttered my life. I was being so good, I even agreed to clear out the book shelf in the newly returned Study/ Library, I agreed that the set of Colliers Encyclopaedia that was exactly 25 yrs old and had barely been opened “could go to the bin” Now anyone who really knows me will tell you that I LOVE books and never thrown them away. I struggle to even give them away, or to pass them onto anywhere else, even though I KNOW I will never read them again. So me agreeing to “throw them in the bin” was huge and as I carried a pile of five encyclopaedia out to the bin I was congratulating myself on freeing up two whole  shelves in the bookshelf, mentally “high fiving” myself. As we got to the skip bin, I went to lift them up into the bin and BANG! Dropped the pile… I jumped back not fast enough and three landed on my toe, my feet clad in flat shoes barely covering my toes! So I swore, I screamed and I cried.. And limped inside cursing the whole time about who’s stupid idea was this anyways? ( It was mine!!) 

The upside of all this upheaval was that with a little juggling the lounge room or maybe you call it a living room, found some room and I was able to put a beautiful wooden wall unit in there to keep all my art supplies in. I told myself and everyone in our house that what ever did NOT fit into this cupboard would be going into the skip bin. I also have a work table and my comfy chair. A week later I still have not attempted any art in there. But I think I am getting closer. I miss it!

Also recently within the past month, we have purchased a new car,  a 4 wd drive, so that we can take some ” Off road” trips, meet Priscilla!

In September, in 53days actually we are heading to New South Wales to pick up our camper! Then we will begin a whole new way of camping!

On other matters, we are offically on count down mode, in 10 day my eldest daughter is due to give birth to our latest edition to the family, a little girl. Squishy is very excited to meet his little sister. Last week we attened an ante natal appointment with her and we got to hear the baby’s heart beat, Squishy was peeking aroind the edge of the Dr watching what she was doing to his Mummy, and he heard the heart beat and looked at me I told him “Thats your baby sister”  his little mouth made an “O” and his eyes widened and he whispered “My sister” it was a very special moment. He will be such a great big Brother and  Sweetpea has been practising feeding her baby dolls and giving them cudles to practise for her baby cousin.

I’ll be back with more news soon!

2 thoughts on “Sorry!

    • Well, hopefully, as its a new month, I can get myself into a “New routine” and get back to my blog, to my bible art and some art journalling!
      Thank you for coming back to read me!

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