Art is back on…

And boy have I missed it.

So this morning I was forced to be up early, we are selling our car Heidi and the new potential buyer wanted to collect the car and take her to his mechanic, at 7:45AM!! Ok, so confession time, I am never UP that earlier, much less dressed ready for the day, except today I was.

In fact, I was so super organised I even had my morning bible study completed. Did I tell you about that? So this week with Good Morning Girls we begin the book of James. You can find out more details Here. Just reading the intro into the study I found out that James was the half brother of Jesus, go figure. Sometimes I feel so dumb about my lack of knowlege of the Bible, but then a friend told me she finds it refreshing, that I don’t have to “unlearn” stuff I might have been previously taught. Anyways so today was day 2 of the Book of James, we read the prescribed verses and then we colour code them and then we use the S.O.A.K method  (you can find out about S.O.A.K  method on the above link I shared) 

By the time we did the usual morning routine, breakfast, supervise dressing and making sure lunch and home work are in school bag, brushing SweetPea’s hair and waving and kissing Goodbye, I had also done a load of washing and hung one load out to dry, and washed the dishes and made the bed before 9:00am! Super organised.  

So I had choices… Waste time on the internet, do some crochet, I have 4 projects going at once and I HATE THAT!! Or do some art. So I chose art. 

First I started a new 30 day challenge for art journaling. For 30 days we are sent an email with prompts to use, suggested materials or themes etc, and also Allyson (You can meet Allyson Here) shows us what she’s created as an example. 

Day one was “Whats that scent?” Immediately I remembered that Pine Trees are one of my favourite scents. It brought back beautiful memories of when I was a little girl, my parents had a holiday place that Dad largely built himself, and I would wander through the nearby Pine plantations and listen to the birds and the creak and groan of the pine trees and the pine needles under my feet and the beautiful piney scents,everytime I smell pine trees I am taken back to that place. But my other favourite scent is White Sage. I did a course with a lady who became closer to me than a sister and she taught me to smudge with burning white sage and sweet grass in an abelone shell and waving it around the rooms and over myself, I love that smell. So how to choose which smell to do art about? I couldn’t so I chose both, I called it “Then and Now” then of course is Pine trees and Now is the smoking sage in the abelone shell. 

So while the Pine Trees were drying, I started on the Abelone shell with the smoking sage. Once the paint had dried I went back and did some journalling about what I’d painted.

While they were both drying I moved onto Lesson four in “Heaven In Calling” a series of Bible art lessons I am taking. Rebekah Jones to teaching this one and you can find out more about Rebekah and her course Here!

Today we did a reading from the Book of Judges and how Gabriel spoke with an Angel and was unbelieving that God would be speaking to HIM. I enjoyed learning about Gabriel, I haven’t read about him yet.

Lesson two in the “30 days Determined to Shine” challenge, the prompt was to “write a letter to our younger self” and give them some healing advice. I knew my letter wouldn’t be very nice so I had to think of a way to hide it from prying eyes. 

So I folded the letter up really tiny and stuck it underneath this die cut flower. I figured that the flower would look pretty and hide the hate filled letter. I used pink on the background page to promote love and I used some penpalling letters for the back ground page.

Final page looked like this.. Letter hidden behind the pretty flower and a statement that won’t let me forget what its all about.

So today was full of art, and housework and we went to the shops and my very pregnant daughter 39 weeks today! Came over with my Grandson so we had cuddles and played ball and he helped me sweep the back deck.

For dinner tonight, I taught second daughter how to cook Meatloaf, its one of the few meals that the whole family enjoys. She did an excellent job it was so yummy! And finally before bed, I got a few rows of cochet done, working on Grand daughter Janetzki’s blanket, in case she should arrive early! 

Plus three days in a row of blogging and two days in a row of journaling, I feel like the old me is on her way back!! 

4 thoughts on “Art is back on…

  1. Woohoo! Great post Kim, with lots of TERRIFIC art, sharing about your life, and inspiration. What a productive day you’ve had!
    I love how you wrote the letter & still used it, to remind you of lessons, but yet changed it up and embellished it to create something new and beautiful.

    • Thank you Pat, its not until I am elbow dee in paint and various art supplies that I remember how much I love it and have missed it. Really I need to keep this practise every day like I do with my Bible because it REALLY does keep me sane!

    • Hi Bisi, I think its going to be a life long journey, just when you think you understand a part of the bible, something else maybe even in the same passage calls your attention. If I only had to read one book, I think I could just read the bible and learn something new each day!

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