My Faith is His Joy or Que Sera Sera!

I will keep on expecting you to help me. Psalm 71:14 Today’s Food for Thought: This simple phrase, these few words: I will keep on expecting you to help me. They hold great power. The power o…

Source: My Faith is His Joy

If you have time to follow the above link to read the whole post PLEASE DO!!!

Yes! again, I am sharing a post from Cooking up Faith. I feel that we seem to be on the same Journey or wavelength and I find myself saying “Yes! me too” to her posts, today is no different and let me explain why…

Faith… Hebrews 11:1 says, It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead.

Even before I started my journey with the Lord I knew that “Someone was watching out for me” how else could you explain the things I’ve done in my life? I used to think that is was My Dad watching out for me… he died when I was 24 and 3/4’s before things started to go wrong. So when I winged my way through tricky situations and make decisions that were good but I didn’t know where they came from I would think “Thanks Dad for helping me” and now I look back and realize it was my “Dad” helping me but it was my “Heavenly Father” and not my earthly one.. makes total sense now.

In the above Post Cooking up Faith mentions “My husband is in a line of business that holds many possible projects at any given time, yet not all always pan out. We never know which ones for sure will come through.”

My Husband is the same, but recently his company decided that they would be asking people to take “Volunteer redundancy” packages. My husband has been at this company for 20 plus years and so he wanted to find out “what his worth was” so he asked the HR lady to tell him the figure. She explained that in order for her to give him that information he had to sign a form “expressing interest in taking the package” he argued he DIDN’T want to take the package he just wanted to find out the figure. It went back and forth and in the end he reluctantly signed the form.

A week went by and she came back with a figure. It wasn’t what we were expecting. Another issues being that as he has just turned 60 he is not eligible for the “Aged Pension” until 65 yrs. So we would have to both go looking for jobs to be able to get a part payment. Anyways…. LONG Story cut short… I got a bit worried.

I have been a stay at home Mum for 25 yrs. I went back to work briefly when Daughter number 2 was small but hearing her screams following me down the street on the way to work made me realize it wasn’t worth the money. So I became a stay at home Mum and have been since. I did offer when Master 14 started Secondary School to go and get a job, but the Bloke pointed out that we are OK, we own what we have, we don’t owe anyone money and we have a nice life. I have never been a clothes horse, or shoe freak or handbag collector so we don’t have huge bills. He wanted me to stay home and be a Stay at home Mum, but now suddenly that might all change.

So I did the only thing I know to do, I went to my Heavenly Father and explained the situation to him and said “If you want me to have a job please help me find one I am qualified for” that’s the problem! 25yrs of raising children and now Grand children doesn’t pay in much except endless love, but what skills do I have to offer? All the “jobs” I have done over the years have all been Volunteer. So even though I was a Secretary and a Treasurer for a Rock n Roll club, I didn’t get paid, I also didn’t get paid for the articles I wrote for the magazine, and I didn’t get paid for the weekly radio program we ran. All those skills are un paid, can I use them in a “real” job? So I went to God and I prayed and I am praying still, if I NEED to go get a job and let me be clear I am WILLING to do that to make the Bloke’s life easier. Please Lord, help me find something that I can do and that I will be capable at.

It’s that faith, that lead me to a Facebook page that helps locals find jobs, and within a week I found three jobs part time that my Husband would be suitable for.

It’s that faith, that tells me it’s Ok it will work out, don’t get worried, and keep HIM calm too. My Husband is a NON Believer but that’s OK I pray for him each day, on his behalf, and so though he doesn’t know it God’s got this under control.

So far my Husband’s Redundancy request has not been accepted, and we both think that if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen and though he FEELS a bit stressed about the whole thing, I feel calm and secure in the knowing that whatever happens God’s got this covered.

As “Cooking up faith” says “Did you know that we give God joy when we expect Him to take care of us?”

Because It’s that faith, that makes me confident that though our daily lives might change a better version of our lives will come from it. So we might need to tighten our belts and maybe take a few less plane trips, (My Husband will LOVE that, he hates to fly!)  use some more “plain label” shopping goods, cook more meals in bulk and freeze for another day, I’ve been through that before, I can do that again!

I can’t see the future, it’s all in God’s timing, but I KNOW that he loves us and wants us to be the best “US” we can be.

So “Que Sera Sera” whatever will be will be!

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