Happy 2017!

So its Feb 24th 2017

I’ve been missing in action, Im not going to replay everything that happened but lets just start from  here. This year has been busy already and its been a mixed bag, good and bad.

I am doing a crochet challenge, so each day I crochet one granny square… doing that with Nadia from YARNutopia.

I am also doing a temperature blanket, where we crochet one row a day with a colour that represents the days highest temperature. I am using this time to learn new stitches and techniques.

Plus 43 things is back! Oh how I have missed that site, its run by different people but similar to the old set up, so Ive been able to rcreate some of my old goals! One of the goals is about asking questions to see who will play along and answer them, so in response to today question was to share our blog.. I just realised how neglected mine has become.

I will endevour to keep up to date with my blog this year! I promise!!


Well starting in two weeks because next week I am away camping in South Australia.



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