Sometimes you just need a little reminder…

So this Saturday morning is different from usual as the Bloke had to go into work, a rare occasion on a Saturday. After cleaning the house Miss Three aka Sweetpea was restless and her Mum was growling at her, so Grandma to the rescue “Lets go to the park!” Says l, immediately regretting my hasty words. Its winter- although the sun is shining the wind is cold. 

So off we set Sweetpea and l. There is a little park at the end of our court, there are a few swings and some rocking rides on giant springs. We talked about springs and how you might spell it, a huge plane flew over so we talked about planes and where we would go on that big plane. 

We walked up the hill towards the bigger park as we walked we counted our stomping feet, we talked about shapes we could see when she spotted a triangle cut into a gate. We talked about the little Willy wagtail bird as he hopped along the ground in front of us, l told her about his beautiful song and she told me “Oh Grandma he’s so so SO cute and little!” 

At the next park, there were bigger obstacles to tackle, a slide, climbing frame and seesaws. Some she tackled bravely others she called “Grandma l need help!” 

As l sat there in the sunshine and watched the puffy white clouds skipping across the sky l thought about Jehovah and how he built the world in just 7 days, and how that silly rhyme goes about “Blue and green should never be seen unless a colour in between” which made me smile because God created Blue skies and Green trees which are usually seen together so how does that rhyme even make sense?! Is someone suggesting “HE” Got it wrong!?!

Just swinging with my girl!

She could be any little girl but she’s MINE!

“I’m driving a bus Grandma!”

Sometimes it’s the little things in your day that remind you about love, life and “just being”

I’ve had a horrible week! It started off well I spent Monday with my cousin who is on holidays and then Tuesday I attended my first night time bible study which was amazing, l also started a 21 day detox but come Wednesday I was so sick! My first thought was “Satan really got nervous that I attended bible study last night!” So l prayed harder! I spent all Day Wednesday vomiting and sleeping. Needless to say l gave up detox quick smart! Thursday l spent the day in bed sore- l felt like l had a metal belt wrapped around my mid section squeezing me tighter and tighter, Friday l felt a little better but still sore. 

So today’s trip to the park has been the highlight of the week! 

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