This week in Cro… hold on!

There Will be a “This week in Crochet land” later in the week for last week. I am terribly behind. 

I am really REALLY sick! It came on so suddenly within hours l went from happily dancing around the house singing as l cleaned the house.  I spent three hours doing some “extra” bible study yep! I am “that” student that goes back and does stuff not required because l don’t want to miss anything. I suggested to my Study teacher Bianca, a few weeks ago that my work was so impressive l might need a gold star. She said she didn’t have any so she drew me a star! So l went and brought her some gold stars for next time l give her work for corrections. 

So Wednesday afternoon it all started sliding down hill, starting with a weird rattling in my chest and a tickle in my throat. By 5:00pm l was feverish and coughing. I think l was delirious asking my husband to ring Bianca and cancel our combined study and lunch date for the next day. He told me, after l woke him up at 12:45am asking him “Did you call Bianca?” 

“For the 5th time Yes! I called Bianca!”

It’s important not to let Bianca down because she’s taken me under her wing and added me to her “Sisterhood” and that sense of belonging is so precious!

Thursday- ALL day was a repeat of Wednesday afternoon now add being sore from coughing and being dizzy, no appetite my throats was so sore felt like l swallowed razor blades. I did a gentle house clean and because it was super windy l changed all the bedding and put that out on the line but even that simple task sent me to bed for three hours. More fevers and raspy voice. 

Friday although it looked lovely out the bedroom window and the temperature tells me its spring like weather l was shivering tucked up in bed, not even attempting to clean the house. The headache was the worst, painkillers were not touching it. So that night after only sleeping three very broken hours on Thursday l took a stronger pain killer Friday night and slept!

Saturday morning l open my eyes wearily. So far so good, no headache, no cough if l don’t breathe too deeply, but what’s this?! 😮 a massive cold sore on my lip! The third one l’ve ever had! An ulcer on my tongue 👅 and what’s wrong with my hands?! 

Every finger swollen and blistered! Awesome my Ross River Virsus has now joined the party! Cold water hurt my hands, hot water hurt more, l could barely close my hands to hold a glass. But the house was almost empty of food so we had to do shopping. 

I felt like a zombie, l don’t recall any of it except leaving my husband in a store and rushing outside for air l thought l was going to faint. I sat slumped like a homeless person until my husband came to collect me. Back home to bed! My eldest daughter was hosting a birthday party for our youngest Grand daughter “Faerygirl” and had warned us “Stay away!” I’m so glad we did.

Sunday l had a preplanned trip organised with my cousin to an American expo to do research for our 2018 trip but l honestly don’t know how l got through it. This morning l woke up half deaf!! But we did it and got lots of tour info to use. But back home again it was straight back to bed. 

So now it’s today, Monday and while l am still coughing up a lung, have very little voice, no taste sensation at all, l am forcing myself to eat to get better. I’ve had no pain relief since Sunday and lm up and dressed. Only because l had an appointment with the foot Dr about my “Acheillies tendinitis” I explained my foot is the least of my current woes until he pressed exactly on the right place and made me squeal. Ok so my foot is back in sticking plaster for another week but he says he approves of my spending so much down time laying around the house it’s helping my foot! Back to him in two weeks!

So while lm on a good run l began crocheting some of the 7 squares l missed out on. I’ll come back later with pics of those. 

I really cannot believe how severely this “bug” has hit me, l do not recall ever feeling this sick and l wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!!

5 thoughts on “This week in Cro… hold on!

  1. Okay, thx! Unfortunately our Summer weather hasn’t been the best, so we haven’t sailed yet, though Johan went to Gran Canaria/Las Palmas to visit his nephew, who is based there for Norwegian Air and Johan hired a sailing boat for two days. They’d a ball!

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