U.F.O is complete!

UFO’s (Un finished Object) are quite common with crocheters and probably knitters too. This is the first time l’ve had one. Usually l stick with one project at a time. So imagine my surprise when l was clearing out my art studio in June 2016 and found this bag…. 

It had what looked liked 100’s of multi coloured Granny squares. It was in fact 49 usable GS and some disintegrating… “Where did these come from? How long have they been here? What was l thinking of making?” Who knew!! So l decided this could be an “in between project” in between more important things which is why it’s now 14 months later and it’s no longer a UFO!!

I crocheted 51 more squares made an even hundred and then sat with those a while thinking about how to join them into something useful.

Then l began taking the UFO bag in the car on long trips and crocheting a border on each square, then sewing squares into rows and then crocheted a border around the rows and finally sewing all the rows together and then two borders around the whole lot and viola’! 

It’s no longer a UFO its now a lovely fresh colourful blanket for snuggling under while watching TV!! 

On the back of the couch for snuggling!

Apparently l had an over abundance of purple multi coloured yarn!

Its big and its heavy and its NEVER EVER happening again!

On the same grey bag l found a ziplock bag with something else in Navy Blue, l pulled that out and re used the yarn. No more UFO’s in my house!!

3 thoughts on “U.F.O is complete!

  1. Thanks Pat!
    It had to be a neutral colour so usually white or black, black is hard to work with it makes my eyes go weird, white is probably not the wisest of choices with small Grand children but luckily its fully machine washable lol

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