2018 The year of Art!

So far this year I’ve been sketching, Writing letters for the #incowrimo challenge, and yes! I finally got started on my year long “Lets face it” course run by Kara Bullock with lots of teachers! Today I finished lesson one which was with Kara. I started it earlier in the week and then walked away to let it dry, but that night at 11:30pm I gave up “trying” to fall asleep and went and painted till 1:00am. Today I finished her, no name yet, she is by Renaissance painted Piero della Francesca

I am really happy with how she turned out, although I copied Kara’s techniques it looks very different but then I heard Kara say “Always add a little bit of yourself to each painting” so I guess subconsciously thats what I’ve done.

So impressed with her I decided to start on Lucy Chen’s art group challenge, which for February was “Goddess” I started researching the different Goddesses, but none really spoke to me, they had elements that did not fit to me, so I decided to go off track a little (Ha! If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know this is not an uncommon thing for me!) and so I typed into google “Camping Goddess” because the Bloke has called me that in many an occasion! And I got a hit on “Brigid” a Celtic goddess of many things, including cattle, sheep, ravens. Midwifery, iron forges, sunrises, bees, wisteria and fire! Well, now nothing says “Camping” like an open fire! So I started looking into this Goddess and roughly sketched up an image in my head, normally this is where the problem begins, what I see in my head rarely comes out on the canvas! But this time oh my gosh! It did!

So I’m not really happy with her hands, or her eyes and definitely not her hair, but that cow and the raven I love! Seriously I can always improve and thats what I am aiming for this year “Increase my creativity” so I’ve been watching lots of art videos, lots of you tube how to’s and last week on Facebook when I got annoyed at the silly debates and nastiness I was reading, I went on a deleting spree, pages, people, apps, I also unfollowed quite a bit and after talking to one friend I decided that since Facebook is my happy place I am only going to see “Happiness” there, this week I am seeing lots of art, cute animal pictures, crochet and food! Thats Happiness right there! I wanted to delete Facebook but realised that all my art classes and groups are on FB so I stayed and got rid of the negativity instead! And I’m finding, I am enjoying Instagram so much more just lately.

I think also this month I might do the “21 Faces” challenge, where you draw or paint or create a face for 21 days! I did one today its no so good, but then there’s room for improvement, no photos of it though! But then I could count “Brigid” for todays face since I drew her and then painted her as well!

Keep watching this space for more arty stuff coming up, next lesson in Lets Face it is Carravagio (I think thats how you spell it!)

2 thoughts on “2018 The year of Art!

  1. I love Brigid. I actually like her hair, it reminds me of flames and of wind blown wheat fields. I like her eyes. She’s determined and she’s strong! Great job!

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