September is #Septemberblogfest

My friends Tara and Sandra over at Kick in the creatives are doing something a little different this September. They’re challenging us to #Septemberblogfest

So each day in September we have to write a blog post. My poor Blog is crying out for attention and so I have taken up that challenge, and not only that one but TWO others! I am also doing #poetember where we have to write and post a poem every day, any style, any length on anything OR you can use the prompts the girls have supplied, so I went a step further and decided to add #sketchathonSeptember to the mix, where we have to sketch anything daily in our sketchbooks. That sounds scary, I can hear you asking “What shall I sketch?” And then the fear of the blank page sets in.. so I decided, I’ll write the poem (#poetember) then illustrate it (#sketchathonSeptember) and then Blog about it (#Septemberblogfest)

The reason being, if I am writing the poem, I can get an image in my head, then draw it, some of them might be ok, so I can share them and get my blog up and running again! Thats my crazy plan anyways..

Poetry is new to me, like about two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to try and write a poem, so I’ve been you tubing, and googling and scribbling stuff down and come up with a few, let me share one with you… I wrote this for my Grand daughter for her second birthday….


Happy Birthday to my Faerygirl!

Two short years you’ve been in the world.

The first time I laid eyes on you

Your name popped into my mind-

Your bow shaped lips, made my heart flip!

I whispered “Welcome to the world my Darling Faerygirl!”

Personality plus! You may be little- But you are fierce!

Your voice is soft but that scream can pierce.

Heated discussions between you and I

“Do as I say” I said to you once “I am the boss”

You stamped your foot and I was at a loss

to try not to laugh at your reply-

“No! Mama I the boss!”

Middle child you’ll soon be

As brother number two you’ll see.

But you will always be “My Faerygirl” to me!

Happy birthday Aria Elizabeth Janetzki.

There are a few more maybe I’ll share them over time. So is anyone out there interested in Poetry? Maybe you could join me in #poetember and we can encourage each other to keep writing. I’ll share the prompts with you!

We have a facebook group, so if anyone would like to join us there just do a search for Kick in the Creatives and come and join the fun, everyone is lovely and supportive, this month, I am doing #31animalsAugust and to make it different, I am doing all mine on Australian animals, all the same size and all in watercolour, so I have a series! One of my fellow Creatives, wrote a poem and we did a collaboration.

I did the Art, Kim Lewis did the poetry, it was actually Kim, that inspired me to have a try and writing my own!

So watch this space and see what craziness I come up with, I’ve already started writing some of mine, I’m slow at it, so I got a head start! It all starts here September first!

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