September the first! Let us Begin!

If anyone wants to join in these challenges, and trust me you don’t need to do three, or even every day of them, but if any are of interest to you, go to Here! And feel free to join us! or go to the Facebook group and join us! Its all good fun!

The prompt for today is “Calm”

Calm, so calm, how can it be?

She always seems so calm to me.

What is her secret, how can I find out?

She never raises her voice to shout!

She breathes in calmly and breathes out tension

I saw her first in the room for detention.

I wondered how she could be so calm,

Maybe inside her head she’s reciting a psalm!

Being a teacher is not all fun and games.

Especially when she has to deal with James.

I really must ask her the secret of keeping calm.

I wonder if its got anything to do with that lavender balm

She spritzes herself with it now and again-

She breathes out tension and breathes in calm – she’s so zen.

So I have now fulfilled three of todays prompts! Written the poem “Calm” #poetember drawn in my sketchbook #sketchathon and now blogged about it #blogfest

aAlso today marks the start of #29Faces, I have no idea why it’s 29 Faces but here is the link 29 Faces So here is my face and because I can’t do anything like a normal person I decided to do #29facesonjunk so I am going to be using recycled materials to do my faces on. Number one is on a tissue box!

lessons learnt for this piece… don’t out line in black! Ruined her!

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