September 2nd- Violet!


An old fashioned name, and also a colour.

Violet as in the flower with the heady scent.

When she was much younger, she spent

6 months living in a tent-

Travelling around the Australian outback

With only the clothes that would fit her in pack!

Violet was one of ten children.

Her Father in the army, her Mother a civilian.

She knew she was different- did our gal Violet

She has always wanted to be a pilot!

Her head was always in the clouds,

She preferred solitude, not crowds!

She whistled at birds, and talked to the dog

She carried around critters and had a pet frog!

Some say she was crazy, and it might be so-

But everyone smiled as she passed to and fro.

A lovelier lady you never did meet.

She lived on the corner of my street.

Violet, an old fashioned name and also a colour.

One of a kind, there will never be another

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #kickinthecreatives #blogfest

2 of #29Faces

Day two of all my September challenges is complete!

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