September 4th- Terror-


The phone ringing woke me, I stumbled half asleep

to answer the call, I heard the beeps.

I could not register what she was saying,

Garbled messages about praying-

That he didn’t live in that part of New York

Where the twin towers were, and the airport.

“Who didn’t live where?” I tried to make sense.

What was she rattling on about so intently.

Then my brain it started to clear,

And in terror I began to hear,

About hijacking of the American Planes

And all about Saddam Hussein.

I suddenly understood what she was saying,

And my heart skipped a beat as I started praying.

Just about a year ago, I’d driven past those twin towers.

With a friend as we toured New York to kill a few hours

Before I had to catch my plane home.

With my heart in my throat and my heart full of terror,

I hoped that somehow my cousin had made an error.

I put on the TV and on every station, it showed

The planes as they hit and how they exploded.

And all of the people running in terror

And knew she had not made an error.

And I knew our lives would never be the same.

The day that we learnt the name Saddam Hussein.

All day I was glued to a TV set, as I watched and I wept.

The day that terror hit New York while I slept.

All of our lives would be irrevocably changed.

Because of a terror who was deranged!


That day will be forever etched in my mind, I recall exactly what I was doing, what I was wearing, and how I sat in the waiting room at the hospital crying for all those people trapped on the buildings.

#sketchathon Terror. I am officially a day behind, I got sick yesterday and spent the day in bed. So today is catch up, although to be honest Im forcing myself and my energy may wear out really quickly!

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