September 5th- Hair


Hair is such a touchy thing, each of us think of it differently.

Some spend hours tending to their hair,

Me, I really couldn’t care.

Some spend too much money maintaining hair-

Cutting and colouring, conditioning hair.

Hours of straightening or curling with care

Then along comes the rain and they cry in despair-

“Oh no! NOT THE HAIR!”

My hair at times has been a rainbow of colours.

I’ve cut it, I’ve straightened it, curled it and viola!

What is the point? I cannot see.

The money I’ve wasted and what did I glean?

It’s only hair! It grows back and the colour reverts,

The only new thing is that my bank account hurts!

The most exciting time for my hair and me

Was when I shaved it all off for charity!

But then people thought I was sick-

They avoided my eye and crossed the street quick.

People look at you differently with no hair.

It didn’t worry me, I didn’t care!

I saved so much money, and also my time

So I did it again, more than one time.

We raised over sixteen hundred dollars

For the leukaemia foundation!

My daughters wanted to weep and holler!

They hated being seen in public with me.

Me without hair was not so much fun-

They needed to change their thinking quick

Some people don’t get to choose- when they get sick

If they want to keep their hair or die-

Judgemental people make me want to cry.

I no longer spend my money in hair salons.

I’ve done my home work, the pros and cons.

Now I keep it short, I shampoo only

Once a week! My hair is my natural colour-

But at least I’m not phoney.

What you see is what God has given me.

Breaking free of the Hair Prison has saved me

From hours and hundreds of dollars of pain

And at least now I can walk in the rain

Without worrying or crying out loud-

“oh NO NOT the hair!”

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon (prompt was hair and to fill a sketch book page, so today because Im sick and don’t want to fall behind, I collaged and embellished!)

And now I am up to date with #Septemberblogfest

#29Faces will resume tomorrow I will catch up!

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