September 7- Energy


Energy can made from brown or black coal, full of pollution,

too generate clean power what is the solution?

The thermal energy is released when fuel burns,

Electrical energy is created when turbines turn.

And there’s radiant energy so I’ve learnt!

I went back to school, and I had to do science,

So we studied the different forms of energy.

We need to use energy to power our appliances.

Then I got home and saw a documentary,

All about bio mass and energy resources

I tried to get my son to watch, I resorted to forces!

He doesn’t care where the energy comes from,

Whether its fossil fuel, nuclear fuel or renewable energy

When its found it rocks they’re sometimes called sedimentary.

Radiant energy comes from the sun!

Learning this stuff was so much fun!

Geothermal energy comes from the rocks,

Buried deep in the ground, way out in the boondocks!

Hyrdo energy is created with water,

With dams, and gates and giant big turbines

I tried to explain this to my eldest daughter,

She was bored and so she declined.

Learning about all of these different energy sources

Has been a great way to jump into new courses.

But now I am tired and that is another

Lack of energy for this Mother.

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #kickinthecreatives #septemberblogfest

Writing this poem was a challenge but overall I am happy with how it turned out. I had been working as an Education Support person that week in a school and we had Science, and so I had just done a lesson on renewable energy and I had honestly enjoyed learning about the different types of energy and where they were sourced. I think I wrote as many notes and drew diagrams as the students I was helping.

I am enjoying this challenge, I say “Oh I can’t do poetry” but then I find myself stringing together something that makes sense and Im enjoying it.

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