September 8th- Emotion.


How can you explain Emotion?

What words can you use?

Emotion is a strength of feelings-

Expressing emotion is sometimes unappealing.

Emotion they come as a sensation,

Like when you’re scared and you get heart palpitations.

Emotion is like a sentiment,

Like a birthday card thats elegant.

Emotion is like a feeling,

When you hold a newborn baby squealing

And you try so hard to soothe the beast-

And deep inside you want to weep.

Emotion can be good or bad,

The highest highs and the deepest sads.

Some call emotions, gut instinct and intuition

Emotions get you into all sorts of situations.

Emotions come in humans and animals too.

I always wonder about zoos,

Do the animals there crave their old wild lives

Or are they memories buried deep in their minds archives?

I once saw a whale, who’s baby had died

And as the dead baby sunk, she desperately tried

to keep the little corpse afloat, she sung her mournful song-

She knew something terrible had gone wrong.

Animals have emotions too,

Just the same as me and you.

#poetember #kickinthecreatives.

“Emotions” #sketchathon #kickinthecreatives #Septemberblogfest

I was really surprised with how this painting turned out. Sometimes i just go “wow!” Last month I spent the month doing watercolours and was so over it I said “No more watercolour” and yet l find myself 6’of these 8 days sneaking in an element of watercolour, but this one really needed to be watercolour!

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