September 9- Nearby


“I spy with my little eye,

Something that’s close, its nearby”

I looked around the room to see,

What trick she was playing with me.

“Is it the cat?” I asked with a grin,

Thinking how easy I could win!

“No Grandma it’s closer than that!”

Hmmm, I wondered, “Is it my hat?”

She shook her head and giggled then

“Go on Grandma! Guess again!”

I glanced around the room to spy,

What she was seeing with her hazel eyes!

I guessed the fridge and pantry too

But no- none of those would do!

“is it Ambrosia the poodle dog?”

“Noooo” she groaned “Silly Nog!”

I’m running out of guesses fast,

But cheeky Miss wants the game to last.

So I guess a few things more,

“is it the window or the door?”

She shakes her head in such delight,

I’m sure I could guess, but I think I might

Concede defeat and let her win.

And so with a sigh I sadly say-

“This is a hard game to play!

I give up, I cannot see

Something that is close to me,

Something that is nearby.”

She giggles and puffs her chest out proudly

Stands up tall and calls out loudly.

“Silly Grandma it was me! I am nearby!”

And I know I’ll love her till I die!

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #Septemberblogfest #kickinthecreatives

Although technically I did not sketch, I did fill up a page of my sketchbook… so whatever its done now!

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