September 11- Ability.


Ability- in short means skills,

To do a task, a job to pay the bills.

My husband is a man with exceptional ability

to work with metal and steel, they’re handy skills.

Some might say that someones singing skill is ability

Or the dog that did the running course has agility!

Ability can also be classed as Artistry!

Special skills that few possess,

Like playing a good game of chess.

Ability is classified as “Having a talent,

Skill or proficiency in a particular area”

Like a tight rope walker needs good balance.

I’ve wracked my brain, trying to see

What could be my special Ability.

My minds gone blank, Just let me think,

While I splash around some India ink!

My Family of whom I’m most proud,

Such a fussy judgemental crowd!

All agree on just one thing,

Mumma’s meatloaf makes them sing!

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #septemberblogathon #kickinthecreatives

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