September 12- Midnight.


The witching hour some do say,

The end of night and the start of day.

Bryan Ferry sang a song,

About a Midnight train, rolling along

Down the track, never coming back,

Taking all his dreams,

Impossible it seems.

Donna Summer, had a hit too,

About working the Midnight shift

While all her friends were out,

She was working hard, running all about.

David Bowie had a song about Sister Midnight,

She had him reaching for the moon and feeling like a fool,

Thats really not cool!

I’d like to hear old Frankie crooning,

“Tell me at Midnight, before the moon starts fading

Tell me at Midnight, why go on masquerading”

Frank Sinatra had all the women swooning!

James Taylor, I think sang it best..

“I’m gonna wait ‘till the Midnight hour

Thats when my love comes tumbling down

I’m gonna wait till the Midnight hour

When there ain’t nobody else around!”

Little Miss Dynamite- Wanda Jackson sang-

“Midnight, I’ve spent another lonely day thinking of you.

Midnight tomorrow is on its way empty and blue

I’m so lonely so lonely at midnight for you”

My husband was like a teenage boy, the night

He met Little Miss Dynamite,

She walked onto the stage, her hair and her heels

were bigger than her, what a site!

He yelled out “I love you Wanda!” Like a fool!

She glanced down and said “Why Darlin’ I love you too!”

It was after Midnight, after meeting Little Miss Dynamite.

He sang all her songs on the way home in the car!

He told me the stories of her and Elvis, again all night.

Star struck he was and he never lets us forget,

The night we got home after Midnight, the night that he met

Wanda Jackson little Miss Dynamite!

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #septemberblogfest

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