September 16- Today!

Its a bit late because on that day we spent 5 hours trying to install a new toilet, it was a crappy job! And by the time we were finished I was too lazy to do any art!


Today is Sunday, a day of rest,

We call it “Funday” it one of our best.

When the family were younger,

We wanted them to bond-

So we created “Sunday Funday”

And made them tag along!

Such fun we would have, all over the place,

Some days were happy and some days were sad.

Some Sundays there were smiles of delight on their faces-

And other Sunday’s they really did hate us!

Picnics, and beaches, climbing trees in the park.

Leaving first thing, coming home in the dark!

Five worn out children, asleep in the back.

All worn out from the hike up that track!

Sunday are Fundays in our crazy house.

No one was spared not even the mouse.

We let the cats in when we were to depart

And they enjoyed Fundays right from the start!

Sundays are Fundays in our house still now.

But instead of our children, they’re Grand children now.

We play games, like hunting for Harboos

And light fires, and let them kick off their shoes.

We paint and we draw, and do chalk on the driveway,

And try not to let them escape out the front gate.

Sundays are still Fundays in our house,

Sometimes we like to be as quiet as the mouse!

So we spend our time with our heads in a book

Or spend the time sharing feasts we have cooked.

And all the family gather round, and recall the times

When Sundays were Fundays and they had fun times!

Today is Sunday and it still is our Fun Day!

(except today it was a crappy day!)

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #septemberblogfest

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