September 19- Bite.


That little crisp hit, as you bite through the shell,

The rich dark chocolate that delicious warm smell.

The cherries and coconut all blended together,

You wish that the Cherry Ripe would last forever.

That little tingle that runs through your teeth!

As you bite through the chocolate shell and beneath

Is a creamy white centre of vanilla ice cream,

Eating a Magnum is a lovely day dream!

The smell is like Heaven, its freshly baked bread!

As soft as the pillow on which you lay your head.

Without any effort, your teeth sink within.

And one bite and another, where to begin-

The centre, a corner, a triangle or square?

Scarlett likes a sandwich while I brush her hair.

It keeps her distracted, while she takes her bites,

I get her hair done without any fights!

“Hmmm” says the Shark as he’s eyeing a surfer,

The grey nurse shark is a terrible lurker!

“What bite shall I take first?

The leg or the arm which is the worst?

One is quite boney, the other full of muscle

Whichever I chose there will be a tussle!”

“Hmmmm” sighs the Surfer, “This flake is so good!”

As he recalls summers surfing from his childhood.

His leg still aches from where the shark took a bite-

It gave him the fright of his life!

Fish and chips on the beach, a nice summer treat

As they gaze at the people wandering along the street.

One bites an apple, another bites an ice cream.

One bites a cherry ripe chocolate, a lovely scene.

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#sketchathon #Septemberblogfest

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