September 26- Friend


When I was younger and at school,

I read this poem and thought it cool!

“True friends are like diamonds- precious and rare

False friends are like autumn leaves- found everywhere”

I always wished I would have one true friend,

Someone to share my life with till the end.

Over the years they came and they went,

not understanding what true friendship meant.

Until the day that Deanne came along,

We clicked together like lyrics and songs.

We met at our job, and got all the crap shifts,

But it was blessing disguised as a gift.

We talked about life, and family and things,

We talked about feelings and realised we were kinda like twins!

My true friend is precious and rare!

Its been 31 years and we make such a pair.

Next year we are taking an overseas holiday

to the UK, and we’ll laugh and sing and play!

31 years is precious and rare.

And I wouldn’t swap her on a dare!

I don’t share well, you find out soon

For her I’d travel to the moon!

She’s my “Bestie” there will never be another,

More precious to me than any other.

#poetember #kickinthecreatives #BlogfestSeptember

There is no art today! It was a crazy hectic day, school holidays, one daughter home sick, and another daughter with ante natal appointments so watching small people does not leave a lot of time for art! I’ll catch up tomorrow. We’re off camping by a river!

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