Easter Sunday

Not part of the #AtoZchallenge no postings for that required on Sunday but l’m in a kind of routine so l’m posting anyways.

Let’s do a pseudo #AtoZchallenge post and go for letter “C” again.

C is for my favourite lifestyle choice Camping.

Now when you see our set up you might think GLAMPing and that’s okay each to their own right? We did 3/4’s of Australia towing a box trailer full of camping gear including two canvas tents and a luxurious kitchen and all we needed!

I came late to camping Star Son was ten years old by the time The Bloke (AKA- husband- you’ll meet him at letter “R”) convinced me to give it a go!

I bet he didn’t realise he’d create such a camping monster! If it’s sunny l say “let’s go camping!” If it’s a public holiday l say “let’s go camping!” And most times he’s up for it.

In November of 2014 the Bloke had an episode where his hip gave way and we were sleeping on self inflating mats, he couldn’t get off the floor. We got him to the Dr who put him on anti inflammatory meds and we had to stay a few extra days to let those kick in before we could even think about packing up to go home.

Then another time in September 2012 when one camp site we went to in Kings Canyon in Northern Territory and the ground was just full of rock and The Bloke was down there swearing and cursing 🤬 trying to hammer in tent pegs, it was about then he said the dreaded words “I’m getting too old for this shit!”

Unbeknownst to me he had started looking at other options and so began the trips to various camping and caravan shows ohhh the endless hours of walking into and out of display caravans and campers and set ups it all becomes a bit of a blur until..

One day in 2012- we stepped foot into a weird looking setup. I told him “l don’t like it!” He persuaded me “just let’s look at it!” So l pouted and followed him in. And l was awestruck 😍 “The Ultimate Camper” the name really says it all. “It’ll go anywhere your car will go” the salesman pitched at us and he wandered off l guess he sensed l wasn’t interested. But as l sat on the sofa with under seat storage and opened the cupboards and looked at the stove! Indoor cooking!! No more waiting between rain showers to cook dinner??! I started to imagine what a king sized bed up off the ground might feel like! And then we made the mistake or was it fate.. of walking into the next model up and “Oh MyGosh.. does that kitchen bench have glitter?!” It did and l was hooked, even though this one was more, she also had more features and although way out of our price range l wanted THAT camper!

We ended up circling back to the Ultimate Setup three or four times that day and each time that same salesman Steve would say “Oh you’re back!” Finally l gave in and as we walked out that final time l said to Steve “You know the rules right?” He was confused and waited for me to go on.. “if you name it you keep it!” He smiled and nodded” So what have you named her?” I replied “She will be Ursula Ultimate”

Fast forward to 2016. We had scrimped and saved and the Bloke sold some property and so we ordered our Ultimate Camper and waited for her to be built. Her build date was September 2016 and we eagerly drove up to NSW to collect her. We had purchased a new 4wheel drive to drag her along and so became our camping duo Priscilla Prado and Ursula Ultimate. She even has her own Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/ursulasultimateadventures/

It’s now 2021 and Ursula is still amazing, she’s been to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia so far, there are a few more for her to see and in February 2020 the Bloke retired from work so we could finally live our dream of touring Australia.. guess what happened? Coronavirus hit and we were grounded.

So on those public holidays and long weekends like Easter when we should have been away camping we were locked to a five kilometers radius of our house, so we camped in the front yard! The neighbours laughed and waved as they passed and that’s OK at least we were camping.

Easter 2021 sees us camping at Abbotsford Bend Forest on the banks of the Murray river on the border of our state Victoria and New South Wales. We chose to stay local because we’re on “baby watch” as Grandchild number 7 is due this month!

Whether it’s camping in a tent or swag or Glamping in a camper trailer the point is we are not sitting at home regretting not seeing more of our amazing country. This option is right for us as The Bloke awaits his hip replacement in June, less tent pegs for him to be hammering in. We have a nice easy 15 minutes set up and by 16 minutes we’re clinking beer bottles and relaxing by a river.

Happy Easter 2021

Ursula on the banks of the Murray river!
Ursula and Priscilla

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