#AtoZChallenge “Q”

Q is hard!

Q was always going to be a hard one. I’m sure it will be for a lot of us. I really couldn’t think how to tie it in so l googled it.. “Family words beginning with Q” and it came back with Queen!

Which is kinda ironic because my husband always says “You’re the Queen of my heart” and when we first saw this house.. funny story- l was new in the neighbourhood and turned down the wrong street, so rather than show l was lost l thought “oh well l’ll keep walking and see when l come out!” and this house had a “For Sale” sign on it and my first thought was “It’s huge like a Castle

We (Me very pregnant with Star Son and my three children) had moved to Sunbury only a few months earlier but The Blokes three bedroom house was rather full! In fact Star Son slept in our walk in robe! We needed more room. So l told him later that night about this house l’d seen and he said “what’s the name of the Court?” I replied “Darling” he said “Yes sweetheart? What’s the name of the court the “Castle” is in?” I replied “it’s Darling Court!” “Oh perfect a castle in Darling Court l’ve gotta see this”

And he did and we rang the real estate agent who said “Oh lm sorry it’s under offer. Can we help with anything else” so we arranged to view another house in the same court but my heart really wasn’t in it. As we walked out of that second house the Blokes phone rang it was the first real estate agent Theresa, she said “Well the strangest thing happened that couple’s finance fell through do you still want to see it?” We told her we could walk there now and she met us there.

As soon as she opened the front door l knew l wanted this house. So light and bright with highly polished floors, huge kitchen/family/dining room and four bedrooms!! Woo hoo plus a study/library space BUT the real selling point was our master bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite! We brought it and to continue the serendipity theme here, settlement date was my 35th birthday!

So then l was “Queen of the castle” my email signature says “My home is a Castle where l am the Queen” and it hasn’t always been Castle-ish sometimes it’s a bloody money pit. Things that should take five minutes to fix have been done so dodgily that they need to be completely re done! Again it’s that old saying “Be careful what you wish for” AND “if it seems too good to be true it probably is”

But!! This is our home and l am still the Queen and l love my house!

What “qualifications” (A quality, ability, or accomplishment that makes a person suitable for a particular position or task.) you might ask do l have to call myself a Queen? Well- I am the head of this monarchy (after the Bloke but we let him think he’s in charge!) l rule with a fist of iron ( not really l hate ironing!) l wear a tiara well! I had one for my wedding day! And my son is Prince William! See l qualify!

This house- like me- has lots of quirks (A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy) if we get a certain amount of rain the bottom bedroom leaks! Now it’s currently a junk room awaiting its make over into a games room for Star Son it has been my art studio full of Quirky art, yes there might even be rainbow coloured elephants adorning the walls, l like what l like! When we paint the study/library IT will become my art room and that bottom leaky room (our house is three stories sorry l forgot to tell you that we call the bottom level the Dungeon! Quirky!!) will become Star Sons games room, so l can’t hear him yelling at the TV during football season! Have l confused you yet?! I’ll come back later with photos!

So l managed to squeeze a few Q words into this post! So now lm going to quit this post and quietly read my book before bed!

Night everyone tomorrow you meet my Bloke and number two Grandson-its time for letter R.

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