#AtoZchallenge “R”

R is for Robert and Rafiki

Well now we’re getting to the juicy stuff. R is for Robert and Rafiki.

Robert “no middle name” Hine. (We always say his Middle name is Trouble because when he comes to me and says “Hun l had an idea!” We all groan out loud and then l ask “How much will this cost?) aka “The Bloke” for my readers who are not Australian might not appreciate his name “The Bloke” ( Bloke is a slang term for a common man in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The earliest known usage is from the early 19th century, when it was recorded as a London slang term.) but l don’t class MY Bloke as common. When l first met him l thought he was way above my league l guess if you put a crisp white shirt and tie on anyone they’re above my league. And l told him so and his reply was “But lm just a regular Aussie Bloke” and it’s just stuck. When we were newly “dating” he introduced me to his long time friend TJ as “This is my new Sheila

(sheila– A girl or woman. This word first appeared in Australian English in 1832 with the spelling shelah. It was initially used in Australia to refer to a woman of Irish origin, but from the late 19th century onwards it became a general term for a woman or girl)

Then of course he went to work and told them all about “His Sheila” so much so that they actually thought my name was Shiela and not Kim!

Rob in short is my husband and we are as different as chalk and cheese and you know that old saying “opposites attract” true! It just somehow works. He dragged me up a few levels and l’ve calmed him down a bit!

Rob is the middle child, he has an older Brother and a younger sister. Rob was born on February 29th 1956- when the Olympic Games were in in Melbourne. Rob is a leap year baby and so l married him that day in 2004! Rob has a wicked sense of humour although not always appropriate. I do a LOT of eye rolling. Rob is a trooper, he doesn’t like flying but he knows l do and so he’ll book trips with flights because he knows it’s my happy place!

Early on in our relationship we went down to the shops and we’re waiting to cross the road he wasn’t paying attention and went to step in front of a car l grabbed his hand and kept holding it. He suddenly realised “I don’t do public displays of affection l don’t think I’ve ever held hands walking down the street” from that day on he holds my hand whenever we walk!

Stopping to smell the magnolias in the Hobart Botanical Gardens. Because l stop to smell every flower l can.
This cork tree came with this sign
My Bloke hugged the tree because it told him too AND he says “It’s older than me!”
This year was a leap year and so he had a birthday AND an Anniversary and we spent a romantic night in a fancy spa apartment in Hobart.
Sight seeing in Tasmania

He indulges me maybe a little too much, but he tells anyone who suggests l am a spoilt Princess “She gives as good as she gets” Marriage is a partnership and we decided early on we wouldn’t let our children come between us. When we first stated dating l told my cousin “He’s too good for me l’ll give it six months” we were “Just friends” and here we are 21 years later. It’s getting better!

Next in our list is our second Grandson Rafiki Jack Hine. Rafiki or as he calls himself (and Grandma thinks it’s super cute) “Feeki” is the son of our Eldest Son Kit and his partner Esther. You can read about Kit in letter C for Christopher and Esther is under letter E.

You can read about the lovely way Kit and Esther surprised us with their announcement. We have been blessed to live close enough to be able to offer support and be on call when needed.

Rafiki Jack Hine was born 29th July 2018. Named Jack after Rob’s Father and it’s one of the few times l’ve seen my Bloke cry!

Our Boy “Feeki” is a free spirit he has the most infectious little giggle and blonde curls. Usually when we go to visit we take some treats, depending on the time of the day Grandpa will take chocolate muffins or profiteroles and so now whenever Esther tells “Feeki” Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit he squeals “CAAAAKE!”

It was the worst during lockdown when we could only drive in a 5 kilometres bubble. Because Kit, Esther and Feeki live in Castlemaine which is about an hour or so away. Rob checked in at least weekly but not seeing them for so long was terrible it’s always a worry that they’ll forget who we are. The other Grandchildren live within the 5 km bubble so we would walk and meet somewhere and visit a park or just walk together.

So there are family members RobThe Bloke” and RafikiLittle Dude” second Grandson. That’s it for R… but tomorrow is S and more to come!

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