#AtoZChallenge “S”

S is for Sweetpea

Letter S is for Sweetpea, l’ve spoken about her in plenty of posts but today you get to meet my girl. Scarlett Olivia Hamilton. Sweetpea or Baby cake.

Scarlett was born to daughter number two Amber, (you can read about her in letter A) On November 21st 2013. Amber had a great pregnancy and although l called her being in labour she was not convinced until the Dr said “You’re not going home” how did Mum know? Because her symptoms were the same as when l was in labour with Jasmin (read about her in letter J) and although technically Scarlett is Grandchild number two, with Inara (read about her in letter I) being born first, we have no contact with Inara and so really Scarlett is my first born Grandchild.

Jasmin and l were with Amber while she was in labour, Jasmin was two weeks away from delivering Chase (yep read about him in C) so she stayed with Amber until they decided to try forceps and then they asked Jasmin to wait outside. Let’s not traumatise the pregnant woman!

Scarlett Olivia Hamilton took her own precious time to join the family and when she did Amber wasn’t feeling so good so the midwife wrapped her in a towel and said “Here Grandma! Hold this!” And l have been holding her ever since! She was only a tiny thing 6 pound something oh and she was angry! Clearly not happy at the interruption to her plans! So l walked her, l rocked her, l welcomed her to our family and l told her that l was always always going to be here for her no matter what! And then l sang the “Sweetpea” song. https://youtu.be/JCKXxJRgVgc

Ohh that face!! She is the image of her Mum at that age.

I stayed in the hospital with my daughter and Scarlett for the two days before they were allowed home and then Grandpa came to collect us. He was so careful carrying that precious cargo!

Amber has been a single parent from the start but we’ve all had turns in raising Scarlett, it’s like a small village in our house and she knows that all of us will help her out.

Grandma and Scarlett- Christmas morning with silly glasses!
Her birthday was a Fairy theme so Grandma was Queen Fairy! She was so excited to see my costume! Her little face really says in all!

Some have said that l’ve bonded with this child more than others and yes l guess that is true since we live together. So when she wants to know something or learn something lm right there to teach her or assist her. She’s my favourite Art Student and she picks up things super quickly. We read together most nights and have been doing so since she was born. And though parenting skills improve and evolve sometimes a good cry and a Grandma hug fix it all!

Christmas morning in bed huggles before opening presents!
Grandma, Scarlett and Mum- Yoga practice during lockdown, she wasn’t convinced at how good yoga is but she loves Downward Dog pose!

Though she be but little she is fierce- Oh, when she’s angry, she is keen and shrewd!
She was a vixen when she went to school.
And though she be but little, she is fierce.

A quote by Shakespeare- a mid summers night dream. Suits our pocket rocket. She’s little and delicate looking but get on her wrong side and she’s loud and expressive she’s even been known to let fly with words we didn’t know she knew! And we stand there with our mouths hanging open in shock before l usually have to leave the room to laugh at her use of that particular word so perfectly placed!

One day she was having an argument with her Uncle Will (meet him at letter W- keeping the best for last LOL) and both their voices got louder so l came out of the laundry to be judicator and was just in time to see her throw up her hands and stomp her little foot and yell at him “Will you just bloody listen to me for a minute?!” I turned around and went back to the laundry she can handle her own!

But with such swings of temper come frustration and tears and we found that so especially during lockdown when she had to do distance education. It took all of our skills to try and get her through distance education lessons and we had to take turns her Mum and her Grandpa and l at playing “good cop bad cop” every single day one of us was a bad cop. Until one day we ALL threw up our hands and stormed off to different rooms for a break. In the end she came to me crying and being a grandma it’s easy to forget that just three minutes ago she was a devil child l took her in my arms and snuggled into my recliner and just as l did at her birth l sang “Sweet pea” and held her and rocked her and soon her body relaxed the muscles less tense, still l kept singing and then the tears stopped and still l kept singing and then l felt it that huge sigh that says “I’m done fighting it” she was fast asleep and Grandpa snuck into the living room and said “You’ve still got it Grandma!” Indeed l have!

Life is hard whether you’re young or old, she doesn’t process things maybe like other children, so if taking the time to sit and hug and reassure her that lm still, I’m always here for her is what it takes then that’s what l’ll do! Because the day Scarlett Olivia was born l became a Grandma and l never grew up with one so lm being for my grandchildren what l wish l had when l was growing up. Someone that’s on their side all the time!

My Fridge photo gallery- top row- birth order Inara, Scarlett and Chase. Second row- Jasmin’s wedding with Amber, Jasmin and I, Rob and I at the wedding, Chase and Scarlett after her and l had a mud fight! People were horrified but her little giggles were like music!

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