#AtoZchallenge “U”

U is for Ursula

Although not actually a person “U” was always going to be “Ursula” and she is our camper.

My Bloke has a habit of naming inanimate objects and even plants and trees! We once got a wisteria plant for a gift from my In-Laws and the Bloke promptly named it “Wanda”- after the 50’s singer Wanda Jackson. Then we got a totem apple tree and we called her “Bella”

When we got our first Volkswagen Jetta she was promptly named “Jennifer” and the Bloke’s nephew has her now! When we upgraded we got a Volkswagen Highline Passat and named her “Heidi” then we got a box trailer and called her “Matilda” and had a sign writer put on the back “Waltzing around Australia with Matilda” we carried all our camping gear in it including “Tamara” tent and then when Star Son got his tent he named it “Trent” our Daughter and Son in law now have all of that stuff.

When we upgraded to a camper trailer we researched it thoroughly and decided on an Ultimate camper. We viewed them and l told the Salesman “You know the rules.. if you name it you keep it” he laughed and said “So what have you named it?” The first thing that popped into my mind was “Ursula” he laughed and we went home but the seeds were planted.

A year or so later we were in the position to order her and scheduled pickup date was September 2016. But in order to tow an Ultimate camper we needed to upgrade our tow vehicle- so we got “Priscilla” Prado, our dynamic duo!

Priscilla Prado and Ursula Ultimate- our dynamic duo
Ursula Ultimate, Priscilla Prado and Star Son on hand over day we drove to New South Wales to collect her.
Our Sign writer friend made us name stickers!
January 2021 Lake Lancoorie Vic
Ursula all set up in Gadds Bend Victoria.
Nov 2020.

Our standard of camping has definitely improved with Ursula’s arrival. We’ve been accused of “Glamping” and that’s ok. It doesn’t matter how you camp just get out there and do it!!

We’ve camped all the States and territories of Australia and still have lots more to see. Now the Bloke’s retired we plan to spend longer periods of time on the road and seeing more of our country.

And now we say “Home is where we park it”

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