It’s Sunday NO #AtoZ let’s talk about… ANZAC day!

Today is Sunday 25th April. In Australia it’s ANZAC day, where we pay our respect to those fallen in defence of our country. I use that day to remember all the loved ones that have passed. I don’t need a day to remember my Dad l do that every day, by remembering something silly or a book quote or a look on one of my Sons faces that reminds me of Dad, the way both my sons and one Grandson carry his name as their middle names. ANZAC day is not necessarily a day l remember my Dad until… the last post! It always makes me cry. They played that at my Dads funeral the worst day to date of my life.

ANZAC‘ stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On the 25th of April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula. These became known as Anzacs and the pride they took in that name continues to this day. › traditions

This is my Dad he was a proud Aussie Soldier.

He was only young when we signed up to go to war, his older brother and his Dad went so he lied about his age. In the end his parents signed the paperwork rather than risk him sneaking off.

Dad never spoke much about the war l guess who can blame him, from all accounts in books and movies l’ve read and seen it wasn’t a nice time in his life. So lm extra thankful he came home when so many young Aussie diggers did not!

In military tradition, the Last Post is the bugle call that signifies the end of the day’s activities. It is also sounded at military funerals to indicate that the soldier has gone to his final rest and at commemorative services such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. › traditions

The Last Post-

Lee Kernaghan-

This day is almost over and this challenge is coming to its end to, the remaining letters are going to prove tricky to tie in with my “Family” theme but l’ve so enjoyed April this year! Have a great Sunday wherever you are!

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