#AtoZchallenge “V”

Letter V has not yet arrived!

We’ll letter “V” here you are and the one l wanted to introduce to you Grandchild number 7 is not here yet! Technically she’s not due until April 30th but we all hoped she’d come early and my guess had been yesterday Anzac Day, alas she’s not here yet.. if she arrives before the end of this challenge l’ll come and do a second “V” posting.. if she’s really late l’ll do a “Welcome to the family” post on baby “V

So instead.. what to do? As usual l went to “Dr Google” and asked for a list of family words starting with “V” l’ll relate some of those into my family.. let’s start!

First up is “Vacation” Great family word since ALL of my family love a good Vacay– although in Australia we call them Holidays! The Bloke and I tend to wander off on “Vacations” for our birthdays and our Anniversary so that’s twice a year at least since l married him in his birthday! One memorable “Vacation” in more ways than one was a family trip we took to Rarotonga, l wrote about that a few days ago, another memorable “Vacation” was when my cousin Lee (read about her in letter L) was going on a “Girls trip” with her daughters to meet some friends in Bali, I’d never even had Bali in my sights until Cuzz mentioned it and l wondered out loud if maybe l should come?!she said “Of course!” And we had an awesome time! The next year l returned with my husband for my birthday in October and then again the following February/March for our wedding anniversary which brought us home into Covid lockdown. We both love the Indonesian island and will go back again when it’s safe to do so it’s just a six hour flight from home and there’s many more places we’ve yet to see!

V” number two is “Valuable”- Before my husband retired, time was valuable and so we would try and cram as much as possible into our weekends, plus his four weeks off over Christmas. Always a camping trip or at least a weekend away. Family time is Valuable because Children grow much too quickly, and you don’t get to pause time and re-do it, so in Autumn we’d always find a park and roll around in and throw autumn leaves because we could! In Winter it’s Football season and too many of my weekends have been spent freezing on the edge of a football field watching “Star Son” play. Spring when the nights are less frigid it would be time to plan our longer trips interstate. And Summer well always surrounding water either fishing on a river bank or looking for creatures in rock pools at the beach. Happy memories for me at least!

Number three- “Values” (Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work) My number one value in raising a family is honesty and trust. I guess they’re similar because if you can’t believe what someone’s telling you how can you trust them. One thing l’ve always told my children and now lm telling my Grandchildren “Tell me the truth and l’ll help you fix it but if you lie how can l help you with that?” I especially wanted my daughters to learn this because l didn’t want them telling me they were at someone’s house and sneaking off to some other place. I tried to explain to them that if they were injured or missing and lm looking at someone’s place instead of somewhere different how can l get them help. Thank goodness these days for mobile phones l just text them and they text back with wherever they are. Another value l have stood by is respect- you don’t have to agree with everyone all the time but be respectful of their choices.

V” number four- “Variety”- Variety is the Spice of life.. who had heard that saying? I have many times. I like routine and having a child with ADHD and ODD meant that routine and same same all the time were important to him and to our family running smoothly. It’s only been since he left home that we have been able to add some variety but even now- living with a 29, 19, and 7 year old, there are certain meals they will eat and so we’re still somewhat stuck in routine BUT when the Bloke and l go out either travelling or camping “Variety” comes into play! I can cook different vegetables l can try new foods, vary our meal times, variety comes in then!

Number five “V”- Vigilance, oh yes! I have been accused of being over Vigilant , is it a fault in my Mothering skills or is it an inborn trait? I don’t know but l do remember when each of my children were babies those first few nights they slept through the night, l’d creep into their room to see if they were still breathing, if l couldn’t see their little chests rise l’d touch them to make sure they were warm! And feeding, gosh l was like an Eagle eyed thing watching them learning to eat so they wouldn’t choke on my watch! My Vigilance did not however prevent ADHD and ODD. Maybe lm just very cautious?!

V” number Six- “Volunteer,” l love feeling needed and so lm usually one of the first to raise my hand. Like when the Rock n Roll club needed help- well my husband Volunteered me for it but l loved it! Learning new skills and volunteering to do the Radio show and the Rock n Roll dances. We helped with a fund raiser “Push for Polio” to raise money to help immunise third world countries. We did all the decorating and setting up and packing up of the venue. I always volunteer to help decorate themed parties for Grandchildren, then l usually dress to match the theme! Food- always volunteer to bring food.

Number seven “V” is “Vow” When l found out l was going to be a Mother, l vowed l would not Mother the way l was Mothered. So l went out and brought myself a journal and made that Vow in it to always remind myself. So far l can state l have not Mothered like MY Mother, lm not saying my ways perfect in fact l can promise you each Child will tell you I’m flawed to them in one way or another BUT the one thing l swore l would never ever do is lie to my children and l can guarantee l never have! When they ask hard questions they always always get honest answers and if l don’t know l’ll find out or admit l don’t know. But never ever will my children say “She lied about that!” And that is why my shelf full of journals is an open shelf, they all have access to my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings. So far none have read them but they’re sitting there waiting. There are NO skeletons in my closets!

Tomorrow is “W” and you’ll get to meet my last family member and youngest child. I’ll explain why he’s called “Star Son” Happy Monday everyone.

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