#AtoZchallenge “Y”

Y is for…

Yawn” excuse me for yawning but l slept terribly last night, well, l started off sleeping okay until suddenly at 3:36am l was awakened. At first l thought it might be Amber in labour, it sounded like someone walking up the stairs to my bedroom but no one was there.. weird! Usually when l can’t sleep a good yak (To talk persistently and meaninglessly; chatter. Prolonged, sometimes senseless talk; chatter) will usually tire me out but at that time of the mornings who is there to talk to! Which then reminded me of that silly song in the 60’s “Yakkity Yak” don’t talk back!!

So when my mind switches on you never know what’s going to happen and somehow l got it into my head, to make a yam pie. But where in Australia would l even find a yam?? (the edible starchy tuber of a climbing plant that is widely grown in tropical and subtropical countries.) probably subconsciously thinking about the yummy apple and pear pies l’d made last night!

After l got through imagining the ingredients l might need to make a Yam pie, 1/2 a cup of rich yellow butter chopped, sugar etc. I went through the plan of cooking it in my head so then l decided to Google Yam Pie recipes.

Yes! there were several different recipes, apparently Yams are also called sweet potatoes which l know we do have in Australia! Apparently you need to add the egg yolks one by one mixing them carefully but not over mixing, the recipe will yield six servings plenty for the family that are likely to try it!

Do you think you’d be brave enough to try a yam pie? So l put the question to the children tonight over dinner, the youngest son refused flatly but he wouldn’t even try my apple and pear pies!

And now a confession.. apart from Amber being due to have a baby any minute and me waking up at 3:36am none of the rest happened!

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