50 Before 50… A work in progress..

A few years ago I read a magazine article about a lady who was having a mini meltdown because “Oh my gosh! I am turning 40.. woe is me my life is over“?? really?! Anyways this lady decided to spice up her life so she made a list of things to do “40 things to do before she was 40“! As I read the article it felt like a challenge to me.. so I sat down and thought about somethings I wanted to do and decided since I was over 40 what was my next big number.. I am a HUGE fan of numbers ending with “0” it always kind of feels like the end of an era and the start of another stage. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to get to 50! I’m not sure what my fascination with 50 is but I can’t wait to be there.

So I decided on “50 B 4 50” and I promptly made up a list. My Bloke is my biggest supporter and so he looks at my list and comes up with bits ‘n’ pieces to check off.. So here is my list now that I am blogging you all get to come along with me. The end result will be a HUGE photo board display at my 50th birthday party!!

Here’s the list I’m up to 50 things out of 50. (ones in BOLD are completed)

2012- The Year of sport goal;
*See the Melbourne Aces baseball team play live– (completed- Jan 22nd 2012)

*Rockclimbing, indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter (January 2013)
*See an AFL match Live. (June 2017)
*See Melbourne Storm Rugby team play live

2012- Eat my way Around the World Goal
*eat every different type of food
(Italian, Indian, Mongolian, Greek, French German, and Polynesian, Seafood I have a huge list!!) (Mexican- Jan 2012, Thai March 2012) Still working on this list.

Big Lap Around Australia will take care of these-
Scuba dive lesson

*Snorkel well ( Queensland 2012)

*Helicopter ride (Uluru October 2012)

*More camping and hiking ( 4 times per year! Still happening but I am ticking it off as done)
*Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef (Yes!! a lot of the GBR in October 2012)
swim with a turtle
swim with the dolphins
*Swim with the Crocodile in Darwin NT (completed March 2nd 2012- My husband shouted us a trip to Darwin for our wedding anniversary)
Take your beloved on a midnight picnic
Ride a roller-coaster
ride a camel
*eat a camel ( My Birthday dinner, sunset on Minindil beach Darwin 11th October 2012)
*Go to STH Australia and find an Opal (September 2012)
Go to Queensland and find a Sapphire
*Go fishing- catch it, photograph it, clean it, cook it and eat it
( did this for my birthday October 2015- Esperance WA)
Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
Go skinny dippin’
*Water slides (all over Queensland 2012)

*Visit Uluru (If Oprah can then bloody hell so can I!) (October 2012)

*Glamour portrait with my daughters (My Daughters wedding Nov 2015)
*Girls only pamper weekend (March 2017 with my bestie)
*Pamper weekend with my Bloke
*Weekend away on the motorbike (more than once if possible) (February 2011)
*Tour Tasmania and include Brewery Tour and Chocolate Factory tour
*Loose 12 kilos and keep it off until my 50th party ( fist part completed Sept 2011- lost 12 kgs)
*Tandem Skydive

* Swim with a shark (Green Island Queensland October 2012. Black tipped reef shark)
*Hot air balloon ride
*See a play on stage (Opera Barber of Seville Kismet Primary School 2012)
*Go overseas again ( Bali April 1-10th 2017)
*Fancy dress ball or party- go to one or throw one! (Amber’s 21st Birthday March 2013. Masquerade party)
*Grow a tree for each child
*Learn a language ( Learning French on Duolingo)
*Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
*Shave my head to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation (or just do it because I can!) (NYE 2012, Best most liberating thing I’ve ever done)

*Go up in a glider

*Go Parasailing
*Go jet boating
*Go see a Live Concert (Kasey Chambers, Alan Jackson, Morgan Evans, Deni Ute Muster, October 2013)
*Go for a weekend to the snow
*Write my book
*Grow, harvest, cook and eat my own vegetables (Nov, Dec 2014)
*Sell my art (if only one piece!)
*Throw an Awesome 50th birthday party

I’ll come back and update the list as I work through it..


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