Last week in Crochet land

Week 33- messy as it is looks like this.. 

What a mixed up muddled up bunch! I messed up Monday and my Square became a triangle but l left it because l don’t half mind it. 

Thursday was the Peace Square stupidly big! 

Friday l didn’t even finish making it l gave up! Then Sunday turned into this stupidly big Skull square?! (Looked rectangle to me.)  I’m pulling it out it doesn’t thrill me at all. 

Now l am officially only three days behind! *sigh*

This week in crochetland…

This week in crochetland, I actually managed to get all seven squares done… so week 31 looks like this.

And then one row each day for my Temperature blanket. Here in Australia its winter and as you can see its been fairly mild.

Light blue represents temperatures 10-15c ( about 50-59F) the greenish colour represents 16-20c ( 60-68F) then we have the dark navy blue that was when it was under 10c and thats cold for me. One more month of winter left woo hoo!

I decided to do my tempertaure blanket in two sections because it would have ended up massive if I did the whole year in one, so this one started 1st July. If I were to do this again I would make a few tweeks but over all its been a fun challenge. I would also make the temperature increments smaller, to show the different temps.

Its folded in half here it actually measures 40 inches across. Each week I do one stitch for the whole week, this week I used double crochet. This coming week I’m back to single, then half double then double again.

Thats all this week from crochetland, next week I hope to have an “UFO” ( Un finished Object) finished to show you, stay tumed for that one its been YEARS in the making 😳

This week in crochet land….

IMG_2553So recently I have had a few friends comment about  missing me on Facehbook ( in my last post I explained about removing myself from social media) these ladies have been missing my crochet. In an earlier post I would have told you about how this year I am doing a crochet a square a day challenge with Nadia over @YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad.

So each day I crochet one square with Nadia’s help on her you tube channel. Currently its week 30 so we are well over half way. I have learnt heaps of new stitches and even some I really dont like. So I decided to share my squares here so my friends can see whats been happening this week in Crochet Land!

I am also doing a Temperature blanket, and so each day I crochet one row in a colour that corresponds with that days highest tempertaure. Photos soon!

Have a wonderful week.