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As you might have seen Ive signed up for the A-Z blogging challenge, so Mondays thru Saturdays, we blog through the alphabet, today was “F” but thats only part of the challenge, the other part it that we should go and visit other blogs, comment, follow them, stalk the other bloggers on social media, facebook, instagram etc etc. i’m more than happy to that and I am enjoying rading new blogs and meeting new friends.

Today I discovered this blog… in this case it was a journey, I went to comment on one blog that I enjoyed, and then this blogger commented on the same blog so I went to visit her blog, Im not even sure if she’s doing the A-Z challenge, and it soesnt matter.. Because life from my lap top, had some great journal prompts in a PDF booklet form, so I thought I’d share them here so I don’t loose them later on…

This blog is written by a Christian Mum blogger, Alyssa Avant, lots of frugal living tips and other goodies, go visit!! 

C is for….. (triple treat!)


More info here:


Today is for letter “C” todays post is brought to you from our Easter holiday, we are at our “CARAVAN” (first C word), in the sleepy seas side town of St Leonards, I’m not going to tell you all about that you can read about it here:

So my “Cousin” (second C word) (I’ll talk more about her later in the A-Z challenge) is down here with her family, my star son and I drove down here yesterday with my Cousin and her daughter, we always have lots of fun! Have a look!

LeCuzz, Rachael, Star Son and Me with Polly the Dog.

LeCuzz, Rachael, Star Son and Me with Polly the Dog.

Then Last night my Bestest Best Friend and her Husband and two of her sons came down for the weekend. I have been friends with Deanne for 27 years now, Oh!! Wow, that makes us sound old!  I will chat about Deanne later in the A-Z challenge, but I briefly introduced Deanne here :

We had preplanned that while we were down here on holiday, we would do some of our “Crochet” (third C word) so we are currently crocheting a hooded Scarf each, since we are “Football tragic Mums” and have to spend hours standing around in the winter weather, we need to keep warm!


I am doing mine in Navy Blue and Gold which is Star Son’s football team “Rupertswood” colours.


So today at our Caravan, with my Cousin and Bestie, we did lots of crochet, check back here to see the end result of our “Hooded Scarfe”

Oh!! I forgot to tell you how this ties in with my “family” theme… When I was a young girl maybe 10 or 11, I would spend the school holidays with my Aunt on her farm, and she taught me to crochet Granny Squares. Fast forward many years, Deanne and I were both pregnant with our first sons, so we crochet blankets for them both, and then my Cousin Lee got into crochet and she reads the patterns and then shows me. Then when daughter number one was pregnant and wanted to give up smoking she needed something to keep her hands busy, so I taught her to crochet, and this weekend, Star son and Deanne’s son, they are both 13 yrs old, want to learn to crochet, and so we teach another branch on our family trees! Yay for crochet, a bonding experiance!

Next comes “D” pre warning you, I’m writing about my Dad and so it might make me cry!

What did l do today?

Short answer?


So l’m away with just my husband, very unusual and very much needed, we can have a whole conversation in one go!

Woke up at 8:45am then stayed in bed till 10:am reading… Why? Coz l could!! So I finished book number 11 in my “Aussie Author” challenge, it was called “Hazel’s Journey” by Sue Pieters- Hawke about her Mothers battle with Alzheimer’s.

 So tick that off this weekends “to do list”  the next item on today’s “to do list” was today’s “lent study” working from the book “40 things to give up for Lent and beyond” by PHIL Ressler. Tick that off the list! 

Also on the list was to get my “snail mail” up to date, a weeks worth which was only 5 letters this week. I wrote one last night and then tonight l finished the others. I forgot my address labels and envelopes at home so l made my own envelopes with the template that my New Zealand pen pal brought me! Luckily also l had my trusty Dymo labeller with me for addressing envelopes.  

Next on my “to do list” was to start lesson one of my first art class for the year it’s called “Paint the Masters” with artist Lucy Chen, more info there!  Our first piece is my favourite artist “Johannes Vermeer” his painting “The Girl with the pearl earring” is my favourite piece of art. We went to a gallery exhibition and we saw some of his works and l got teary!  Anyways, when I saw Lucy was going to teach us to paint our own version l was in, l could not sign up fast enough, go look at Lucy’s page you’ll wanna join in too!

Lesson one was learning to draw, so we printed off the photo and drew a grid (my darling heart, he drew my grid up on both the print and the blank page

  Today l had to draw it onto my gridded up blank page seriously it was nerve wracking to the point l stopped half way and had a shower to think about why l was stressing so much… I didn’t want to ruin Vermeers great work, l know right, as though he will see it!! Plus l didn’t want to let Lucy down, so back l came and did some tweaking, shared the photo on the Facebook group and got some GREAT advice from Lucy and viola! Done!!  

Next step is to transfer that above version onto my board, l love this drawing yay!! 

So ticked that also off my “to do list” which left only one more thing to do! Paint the pug! A few weeks ago “Star Son” told his Grandmother that he would do a painting for her wall at her “Retirement Village” room. He chose the photo and l did the back ground and transferred the drawing into the board, he painted the first layer of cream paint and decided “I suck at art!” And took a break, two weeks later l am finishing it because l had a “feeling“(occasionally l get that feeling and when l do l run with it)  it was going to be good, even l didn’t think it’d be this good though!! I love it!! But l don’t love pugs!! 

It’s been sitting here on my mantle piece for three hours now and every time l look up its watching me l just really love it!!  


So that was my day! I got a weeks worth of “stuff” done in one day, plus journal I really think it’s been a great day!! 


Blogging University..

blogging University

Today’s assignment: if you’re active on a social network, set up Publicize to link the account to your blog or add a widget highlighting your profile. If you’re not, explore your social options to see whether one might be helpful.

Why do this?

  • Networks like Facebook and Twitter are full of new readers waiting to find you.
  • Social networks can act as an extension of your blog, giving readers another place to connect and you a place to share other thoughts and links.

Done done done done done done this is done… admit it you heard the Madden Brother’s singing then!!


Blogging University.. Blogging 101.. Blogroll… complete!

blogging University

Blogging 101: Build a Better Blogroll

By now, you’ve made some connections with other bloggers and have at least a few favorite reads. Today, you’ll continue weaving the fabric of the blogosphere, using one of its essential tools: link love.

Today’s assignment: share a few links you love.

Why do this?

  • You tell readers more about yourself through what you choose to share.
  • Giving readers recommendations turns you into a trustworthy source of great stuff.
  • When other bloggers see you referring them traffic, they’re likely to drop in on you — a traffic win-win.

Okay this assignment is done! See to your right…..>

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt…

Google images

Pens and Pencils

When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?


I write with a pen every day.

I journal daily in a note book and I also have penpals and I hand write all my letter. The last letter I wrote four pages was on Friday to a fellow blogger Corina!

I would be more than happy to go back to pre keyboard days.

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