NaBloPoMo.. January.. Habit…


Monday, January 26, 2015
Do you feel chained or released by your habits?

Some of my “habits” I feel safe in doing..I feel like when they are done “my way” they are done know the more I write this blog and answer these questions I am starting to wonder if maybe I do have OCD!

When I hang the washing on the clothes line, I like them hung a certain way, so when one of the girls hangs them out and does them differently.. I cringe but I DO NOT change them..but I cringe at how they will dry with wrinkles or whatever!

So no I don’t think I feel chained at all.

NaBloPoMo… Habits..I detest Liars!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hippocrates famously said: “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.” Add one more important habit to his list.

Always tell the truth.

I have always raised my children to be honest, I think there’s nothing so bad in this world that you can’t tell the truth about, and things can be fixed if you tell the truth.

On the other hand some people are compulsive liars and they tell such elaborate stories that they forget what they’ve told and who they’ve told them to, and then when they are starting to be discovered they turn the blame on to the honest one.

I am talking from experience.

It’s not a nice feeling. A compulsive liar tells stories to garner attention and you start to feel sorry for them, and then you think “Oh my gosh! How awful!” and you think “Maybe there’s something I can do to help?” Maybe we should contact the parents and give them a heads up? At least that’s how I work. But then time goes by and the story has been slightly changed, maybe it’s a little thing like the day or the time, and then someone tells you something different and you start to put things together and before you know it… the original story is a total web of lies… I detest liars! I Think I detest liars even more when I know that MY child was in the right..

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!

And Liars never do well, they cheat to cover their lies and cheating always hurts someone. And they get mean too, because they’re scared of getting found out.. and Liar’s parents are even worse, because they “want” to believe their child, how could their child tell such lies?? it must be the other person who is lying.. And then they are in denial.. because they simply cannot believe that THEIR child would tell such amazing lies.. even when the person who is truthful can back up their lies…

I am a Mother, I will fight for my children and I have raised them as I have been raised. But even as a Mother when you gut instinct is screaming at you about something you know is NOT a good idea, they eventually must grow up and fly the nest… and I am biting my tongue so hard right now not to say “I told you so” but I am also biting my tongue right now because I so badly want to tell the Liar’s parents the truth about their Child. I put myself in their place and if MY child was in a such a mess and such a tangled web of lies and deceit I would want to know, I wouldn’t like it and I would find it hard to deal with my I would deal with it. I’ve prayed about it and journalled about it and now I am silent, because I just don’t know what else to do..I am like a simmering pot.. and one more bit of heat I may very well explode..

I detest liars!

NaBloPoMo…do it repeatedly…


Monday, January 19, 2015
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” What do you think he meant by this statement?

I believe that he meant that the more we do something the better we get at it, so we might be seen as “excellent” at something which was first something that began as a habit.

I mean as artists we practice something to get better at it, so then someone might see the “art” as excellent but we had to practice it to become excellent.

NaBloPoMo…January.. habits.. same movie every month?!!


Friday, January 16, 2015
Similar to yesterday, if you had to watch the same movie every single month for the next 10 years, what would it be?

I think once again I would go with “Gone with the wind” for the same reason as yesterday. I am a HUGE Scarlett O’Hara fan and I just adored the way Vivien Leigh played her. each time I watch the movie I see something different, maybe I’ve read something about the history and I notice that in this viewing, or maybe I focus on a different actor, whatever but I have seriously seen this movie so many times I wore out the first set of Videos (back in the Day!!) so I brought it on DVD and I just love it. No one else in my family are interested in the movie so it’s my “Me time”

The other movie that I love and could (and have) watched over and over is “Bridges of Madison County” my bestie best friend Deanne and I discussed this movie yesterday after her neighbour insisted that Deanne read the book because she “cried and cried” as did I and still do whenever I see the movie. Yet, my cousin Lee, can sit on the couch next to me and not even see what I am crying about, Deanne said she didn’t think the book was “that good” I wonder then if perhaps Deanne’s neighbour who “cried and cried” and I who have bawled each time I see the movie, have had different life experiences from Deanne and Lee (my cousin) Maybe something in our past has given us a deeper connection with this movie that has made us more emotional about the movie, either way, every time Francesca (played by Meryl Streep) makes the heart wrenching decision NOT to leave her husband and run away with Robert Kincaid (Played by Clint Eastwood) I still yell at the TV “GOOOOO with HIM!!!” Every Time…

Imagine how different her life might be…

Have you seen “Bridges of Madison County“?? If so do you relate in any way that makes you emotional or are you of the “it’s NOT that sad” gang??

NaBloPoMo– Habits.. One book?! say it isn’t so!


Thursday, January 15, 2015
If you had to read the same book year after year after year, what would it be?

If you asked me this last year I would have said “Gone with the Wind” I love the book, I love the history and I just love all of it.

but then In July last year I discovered the Bible, and Jesus, and began doing Bible studies and reading different bits, the challenge I had previously with the Bible was that I would pick it up and “attempt” to read it cover to cover… I never got far and always threw it away… and then I had a good Christian friend who explained to me “oh NO! you don’t read the Bible like a normal book” OHH.. “OK so how do I read it?” those seven words changed me! Because her answer was so thorough and helpful (Oh and I was trying to read the “wrong” sort of Bible, you know the ones with “thee, thou, shalt” etc ect, so she suggested NIV and start from there,) I brought myself a pretty little green bible and then I was too scared to mark the pages.. in my next letter from my pal I received a hand written sheet with verses and chapters to read for different things, and THAT begun my love affair with the Bible and the stories it held within. I have read a portion of it every day twice a day since then!

Along came “Good Morning Girls” with Courtney’s challenge to “Read the Bible in a year” so I signed up for that and have been working on her plan ever since. I know I have read some parts of the bible in other studies because the pages are highlighted (EKKK you HAVE to write in the Bible it’s mandatory.. that was a hard lesson to learn!!) but then I read it again in context to what I am studying and it seems to read differently.. so I am still learning from stuff previously read..

That is why if I can take ONLY one book, (and even typing that makes me feel nervous!!) I would choose the Bible.. as long as I could have my highlighters and crayons to colour code!!

IMG_0555         IMG_0556

NaBloPoMo- Habits… Music, books and actors..Oh My!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Do you need to always find new music, authors, or actors, or do you stick with what you already know you like?

I tend to go in cycles, in music sometimes I’ll listen to the same stuff over and over and over again, for example (this is a good one) In July I discovered the Lord, yeah I know I’m slow alright?!! So along with Bible studies and movies to watch somehow music got called into play and “Spotify” is a great tool, you can type in an artist and it’ll bring up all their music, so I’ve been kind of hooked on “Christian” music for a few months, I figured if I played it in the back ground it would soak into my brain, and then I noticed as I did the dishes I would be humming along to Mercy Me or Chris Tomlin, in my “Christian Music” folder there is a range of stuff going all the way back to Johnny Cash’s gospel. Then Christmas came along so I switched to Christmas music and then we’ve been in and out the house on holiday breaks, so I have been listening to the radio instead. But today my daughter and I listened to some Chris Tomlin he does an amazing version of “Amazing Grace

When it comes to Authors I am open to new suggestions, except if I am in the middle of a series by a particular author, I once went through a stage where I would only read Bryce Courtney books. His first book was “The Power of One” loosely written about his child hood growing up in Sth. Africa, and then I was hooked, so my bloke introduced me to Wilbur Smith and he has a series of books featuring the “Courtneys” So I would finish one and then move right onto the next one. At the moment I am doing “A year of Australian Authors” so I am reading new people and also varying genres, because sometimes they too become a bit “habit-forming, when I was planning my Wedding, I went through a medieval stage, everything I read was Medieval and we even spoke “medieval-ish” around the house!

Actors, not so much although whenever I see a new movie with Meryl Steep I will automatically add it to my “must see” list. I like the oldies movies, so Vivien LeighJoan Crawford, Bette Davis, Clark Gable etc. But I don’t have a huge “actor” thing. I rarely get to the movies, instead we wait till they come out on DVD and watch them at home.

So do you have any favourite books to recommend to me?

NaBloPoMo– Habits..


Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Do you tend to order the same thing at restaurants? Or do you like to jump around the menu?

We don’t got to restaurants very often but if we do I like to try and expand my taste bud, so I’ll often try and attempt to order a different thing, usually I check out what’s on the “Chef’s Special of the day” board and go for the “Roast of the day” normally it’s Pork or Beef, meats we don’t buy a lot of, but sometimes I am just plain lazy and go for the safe and familiar.. Chicken parmagana!

NaBloPoMo January is Habits..


Monday, January 12, 2015
Do you enjoy repetition, or do you always need change?

In somethings I like repetition.. for example I like the way I have set up my morning Bible study time, so I like that to be repetitive and continuous, When I miss it or get out of my “routine” I feel like I’ve missed something or messed it up. So I am struggling to get back into my “Habit” this year because Good morning Girls have changed it slightly… never the less I am doing it!

Do I always Need a change? not always no.. but I do like the odd getaway out of the house when things start to feel a bit sluggish, and sometimes that is all it takes to get me back into my happy place.

Do I always need a change? sometimes when it comes to menu planning I can almost hear what the children will order for their weekly meal and at times like that I NEED A CHANGE!! This year I am hoping to introduce some new recipes into the me wish me luck!!


NaBloPoMo January, Good or Bad Habits?

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Friday, January 9, 2015
Do you think you have more good habits or bad habits?

Personally, and again, you could probably check with my family, but I think I have more Good habits than bad. I am fairly set in my ways too many years of dealing with an ADHD child, who was most relaxed and settled when our routine stayed the same as possible. So we set up some good habits and behaviours and then kind of stuck to them. I am constantly reminded that He doesn’t live at home anymore so I could ease up a bit, but why fix what ain’t broken?

Nablopomo… habits.. Wishing you had one?


Thursday, January 8, 2015
Tell us about the habit you wished you had. What stops you from trying to build it into your daily life?

A habit I wish I had… I “kind of” wish that I had a regular excercise habit. I start off walking and usually do really well but then that too slips away. I never excercise other than walking, but now I am doing the “Daniel Plan” one of the five F’s is “Fitness” and I don’t have any.. I have plenty of workout DVDs and I can walk kilometers a day happily (when I am in the mood) but I don’t have a fitness routine and somethings I “think about it” and I know that I’d lose this last 3 Kilometers a lot easier if I moved it a little bit..

What stops me from trying to build it into my daily life? Its hard! It hurts! But then again the usual “No pain no gain” maybe I should try again??!