Personal Project

On Sunday 8th April, my Dad will be gone from my life for 26 years. So officially he’s been gone longer than l had him in my life. He died six months before l turned 25. He hasn’t met his two Grandsons who look a LOT like him!

John Oliver Scarffe

Both my sons middle names are John after my Father and my Granddaughter is Scarlett Olivia the female equivalence of Oliver!

He lives on but April is a sad month he died and we have ANZAC Day for my overseas friends click the link it’ll explain it all. On ANZAC day they play “The Last Post” and without fail l cry because that was played at my Dads funeral. I don’t much like Aprils!!

So this morning l decided that l would try and incorporate my Dad into this weekends Art because he always was my biggest supporter in everything l tried. I may live to regret this BUT if l don’t try l won’t know! I’m going to attempt to paint my Dad!

15 minutes intentional drawing (it’s rarely “only” 15 minutes.) The Bloke draws the grids and then double and triple checks my angles.

On the Easel ready to go! But lm nervous to start! I told my husband he should sign my art pieces with me since he does as much preparation for some of them as l do!!

I think it’s nerve wracking doing someone l know but then l reckon when l “love” something l do it easily and l certainly loved my Dad!!

He might be gone but he is never forgotten.

Watch this space!!


Hump Day..

Yes its Wednesday, which means we are in the downward slope of the week tomorrow!

One step closer to the weekend.. We have Football presentation on Saturday for Star Son, and then after that we are leaving! Yes another “Road trip”! 

This time we are off to New South Wales to a small coastal town called Moruya. I had never heard if it until recently when we ordered our camper trailer from a company called “Ultimate Campers” we have been stalking this company for almost three years, wishing and hoping, buying lottery tickets to try and fund our camper, anyways finally the time has come, we ordered it and its being made as I write this, pick up date is Tuesday 20th September.

As you might know from reading any of my past posts, my Bloke names our things! Our tent is Tamara, our trailer which carried our camping gear is Matilda “We go waltzing around Australia with Matilda” things that we spend a lot of money on we name, the camp fridge is “Goldie” and the camp kitchen is “Donna Drifta” people think we’re wacky! Our Volkswagen Passat Highline was called “Heidi Highline” and she has now been replaced with a Toyota Prado 4 Wheel drive, we want to start going off road, she’s called “Priscilla” as in the movie “Priscilla Queen of the desert” trouble is so far she hasn’t been to the desert ( Thats our Christmas holiday this year!) so for now she’s just “Princess Priscilla” so naming our camper trailer was super easy, immediately her name came to me as I stepped out of the X-Plore GT display model I told the sales man “We’ll be back to buy this one her name is Ursula” he laughed and I said “Don’t laugh, you know the rule don’t you? If you name something you have to keep it” all the way along she’s been “Ursula Ultimate” and soon we will go to collect her.

So on Saturday afternoon, we will leave, drive about 4 hours to the border of Victoria and New South Wales, stay over night in a Motel and then on Sunday drive the other five or so hours to the little town Moruya. Sunday night and Monday night we are staying in a cabin. We are spending a few extra days there because Priscilla also has to visit the Auto Electrician to have some final wiring done, which will allow us to have a duel battery kit installed, that will allow us to use the solar panels to supply power when we are “off the grid” to charge, phones, lap tops, camera batteries etc. 

On Tuesday the 20th September, we have an appointment with the Ultimate company at 10 am, where we will spend a great deal of the day learning every little intimate detail about our new “baby” We will learn to set up, pack up and stock up our camper and then we will spend two more nights in Moruya in a caravan park where we will set up and dismantle our camp site on our own to make sure we have no dramas, while we are in reach of the company in case we need help, I’m sure we won’t need help, but better safe than sorry! 

Thursday we will be on the road again, this time headed South and towards home, we will spend that night in Lakes entrance back on the Victorian side of the border where we are meeting up with my Bestie Deanne and her husband and one son. I get to spend a few days catching up on our girly chats and crochet andjust spending some quality time with my bestie.

Tuesday we have an appountment to register Ursula for use on Victorian roads, we will have a special permit to bring her home, but its only good for five days.

I love me a good road trip, espcially when its to places that we havent been. I think the Bloke has planned the route to go on new roads, so I’ll have plenty of time to take photos and blog about our trip! For me thats all part of the joy of Road trips! In the scheme of things this is a “short” trip but I will manage to pack as much in as I can!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you some interesting history I learnt about Moruya, because whenever I am going somewhere new I like to research! 

Spring is here…

And typically also the rain, the near y creeks are flowing hard and today was just plain miserable.

I went out with my daughter and two of the Grandchildren to attend Squishy’s “Presentation” at his sports program, where I had the best time sitting and nursing my newest Grand daughter “Faery Girl” she’s 4 weeks old already! Then later this afternoon I went shopping with my second daughter and I was sure that I would have walked a fair distance to make up my 10,000 steps, but it was raining so we drove from shop to shop and I struggled to get my 10,000 today.

The rainy weather is however good for me to crochet, I am working on a rainbow blanket for a baby shower gift, but there in lies the dilemma, if I crochet, I’m not walking and if I’m walking and get my 10,000 I’m not crocheting to finish this blanket, there’s not enough hours in the day.

Tomorrow I will be a grown up and take an umbrella and walk in the morning, knock over the 10,000 steps and then spend the afternoon crocheting. It needs to be done by Friday at the latest!

How was your Tuesday?

Early morning blog post… Using our words wisely..

Good Morning everyone (spoken in my best teachers voice) its 7:37am Friday the 5th of August, its my Brother Bill’s birthday, I hope the card I sent him will makes it in time. Its also the day Marilyn Monroe died all those years ago, no Bill I wont reveal your age, but as he came into the world, she went out of it.

 I have just completed my bible study for the day, this bible study in on the Book of James with Courtney over at Good Morning Girls today we were instructed to read James 3:1-12. Then we choose a portion of the scripture that most appeals and we do the S.O.A.K method and colour code it. This morning I chose verses 3-6 and I’ll share it with you below so you know what I am waffling on about..

James 3:3-6New International Version (NIV)

3 When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. 4 Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. 5 Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. 6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

So these verses tell us about how “things” including our tongues can be controlled. I am particularly drawn to the lines 

6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

Lets read it again… The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.

I am sure that whoever you are,  reading this blog post, (and whoever you are THANK YOU for taking time in your busy life to spend some time in my words.) that at some stage in your life or maybe even repeatedly you have been touched by words that have come from an evil tongue, and maybe even been the cause of the evil tongue lashing, I know I have been on both sides. We are born of men, we are all sinners, as long as we learn from the experience and ask for forgiveness its not a wasted experience.  But then you too, like me, know the power of those words and how much they sting and how once spoken they cant be retracted. It doesnt matter how many times someone says “Sorry” to you, or tries to tell you that they spoke in anger and “didn’t mean what they said” its STILL, sometimes years afterwards, those stinging words that come back and the pain is as fresh as if it happened only yesterday. I wish we knew the effect those stinging words would have on the person we said them to BEFORE we said them, before it was too late to take them back. 

Yes, I have been on the end of stinging words, from people closest, whom you thought were your family. And as much as I pray for their forgiveness, I struggle to be able to mute those words. I had a discussion with my sister-in-law a few nights ago, and she wisely told me that I have to let it go because its robbing me of being truly happy and being the best me I can be. Thats very true it is robbing me of that. And everytime I think I am past it, something happens to remind me and the words are back in my head and I’m right back there again. I, on the other hand, well I am mousey, I never have the bravery to stand up and say what I think, I never have. Prehaps that is a saving Grace, maybe that is God’s plan, he puts his hand over my mouth, so I wont say the things my mind thinks! I go one of two ways, I either bite my tongue and let it go, (as a wise man once told me “Pick your fights“) I am SUPER good at that, its a wonder I still have a tongue after all these years.  Or I sit down and think it all out and then I write my scathing replies usually in a flood of tears and a world of pain. I am REALLY good at that option. But l also found out from one of those recipents that after all these years its been 16 years since I wrote that letter, it haunts her like her words keep haunting me, she kept the letter and re-reads it, so she keeps herself in that pain,  really I am NO better than she was, I just thought I was. I wonder if while she was using her tongue to SAY all those things she got as much relief as I got WRITING all those words, setting the truth free?! I wonder if she at the time, walked away feeling better that she had cleared the air and voiced her opinion. I know writing the words and mailing the letter was healing for me, I quickly forgot all about the letter until I was reminded of it a few years ago. 

Today as I was working on my bible study the morning radio was on in the back ground and a caller phoned in to request a song it was a little after 7:00am and she was returning home from the gym, she said she had crossed paths with a fellow gym member who complimented her on how great she looked that day. A simple compliment made the whole difference to the caller of the radio show, she explained that in Feb. she had had surgery for a weight loss procedure and was new to the gym, but was trying really hard to loose weight and get fit, she told of the struggle to get out of bed this morning it was only 3C and its icy out there, but she forced herself to her work out, and then she receieved that compliment and it made the world of difference to her that someone was noticing. She also mentioned that since Feb. she had shed an amazing 36 kilograms of un wanted weight. Probably the Lady who made the compliment wouldnt have known any of that. It made me think about the lady who had used her words wisely and complimented the caller.. Did she feel good muttering those words as she passed by? Did she wake up this morning and decide that she would use her words wisely and start off complimenting someone at the gym? Even knowing the lady who used her wise words was running late, she took that time to make someone elses day seem brighter. I really wonder if the the Lady who made the compliment realised what a Huge difference she made to the caller? I REALLY hope the lady who made the compliment, has a super day today! i hope someone pays her a compliment so she will feel a little of what the caller felt. So the caller requested the song from Bob Marley “One love” and I stopped my bible study to really listen to the words of the song and it made me more conscious of using my words for good today. 

Friday will be “Use your words Wisely Day” for those of you who are not yet in Friday won’t you join me? I am going to try and only use Good words today, wish me luck! 

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

9 days to go… down to single digits..

its getting close now,

I’ve been keeping busy with my #sugarfreeseptember challenge..

Have you heard about it?

#SugarfreeSeptember is run bu “live it do it” I can’t even remember how I found out about it.. but it wasn’t yet September so I decided to join, I find that when I have these motivations I can stick them out better… remember last November I did the “salad-a-day challenge” with Reannon over at she who rambles you can read about my version here. Well I had so much fun with that challenge, so now I am doing this #sugarfreeseptember not as easy as it sounds.. day one was a breeze and I cheered myself.. day two I woke up with the WORST headache, I know that whenever you give up something you have to expect “detox headache” or ‘Sugar hangover” I think I read someone call it….the headache was worse than any I had with all the previous detoxes. So I got up and took a pain-killer for my head and then 35 minutes later vomited that right back up… yesterday was not a fun day. Three occasions I came close to getting a can of coke out of the fridge and somewhere along the way my will power was stronger. I resisted.

Today I woke up much happier and thankful that the headache was gone, my tummy feels a bit rocky though. Never mind, I have not had ANY sugar and that glass a coke of a night, yes I miss it but no I am not tempted to drink it. I am going to stick this out and see if I lose any weight before I have to buy a new dress for Jasmin’s wedding.

So each day we get to take a photo of the above listed item.. today was “Hot drink” I don’t drink hot drinks, but I made myself a cup of Chinese tea just to take the photo, I tried to drink it but yuck!!

Chinese tea… but this is what I had for breakfast!!

Poached Eggs on Vegemite toast (soy linseed bread), Green Smoothie and I didn’t even up drinking the tea!

Then since I was feeling much better I decided to finish some art projects I had going… the “Fabulous and Free Art Journal course” which had finished but I had a few more pages to complete.. you can read more about it here

 Number 28 – Office Supplies.

I’ll be the first person to tell you I am a stationary whore.. I cannot go past a stationary place without going in and finding something and yet I really struggled to do this page.. it’s one of about 3 in this challenge I hated.

 Number 29- Just Beachy

I just splashed some paint around and ripped out some photos from magazines and played with collaging letters to form words.. simple!

 Number 30- Water works.

Same but different from “Just Beachy” quick and easy, tah dah! complete!

Next thing I had to complete was Mindy Lacefield’s course “Raw Simplicity” I won the class back in July, but I’ve been bogged down with other stuff, so I have only just been working on it. Mindy’s style is Primitive and I struggle with that but I do like to push myself out of my comfort zone and so here’s a peek at what I’ve been doing..


Learning to draw and then paint “primitive faces” mine are much to neat and controlled I need to loosen up! oh No, Mindy didn’t say that I’m saying that!

These little sweeties were drawn on “deli paper” I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet and I didn’t have any obviously so I used what I had a “McDonald’s” McMuffin wrapper… seems to me to be the same thing, anyways I love these cuties, and they card stock I used my Gelli Plate to print that and I love them so sweet!! I’m going to frame them one day!

Next lesson was “Primitive animals” again, mine are a bit too neat a bit too much detail.. Oh well.

These were practice ones that went into our art journals.

I had some coloured card left so I mounted them on that.. again drawing them on the Maccas wrappers.

What we were supposed to do with them was…. create a full-page spread and add the animals to that, I should not rush ahead!! So I created a new set of Animals for my “full-page spread” I did an “Aussie themed Spread” with an Aboriginal and a kangaroo and a koala.

I still think they’re too neat and not primitive enough.. but anyways this is in commemoration of our up coming trip!

Next we had to prepare a board and do a whole piece, well I started the board and the painting and then got visitors so I put her away unfinished.. today I finished her.

Look at all that yummy texture! Made with Gesso.

Little ripples and almost waves.

That was a mistake, but it worked so it’s all good..

Finished Item.. I splashed too much paint and couldn’t wipe it all off, so I incorporated it.. and she’s “Spring Goddess”

The Brown line that descends from the corner of her mouth was added by Miz Sweetpea who is 22 months going on 15 yrs! and is determined she is going to be an artist.. I was going to cover it but I think I’ll leave it because then I can say we collaborated on a piece of art. Under the flower on the left you will notice a bit of bright yellow highlighter.. she did that too.. I covered most of it up!

And then there’s…. 29 faces of September.. another challenge.. it was a facebook group last year which I just stayed in and so here is day 3’s piece…

I am very out of practice and this is done with Charcoal and Gesso.

So my started to September has been a busy one and it seems to be not getting any less busy.

Amber has become a Tupperware consultant and is going to training every Monday and holding parties whenever she can. I am so proud of the commitment she is putting into it.. she’s aiming for manager and the car!

Tonight I paid the deposit for the photographer for Jasmin and Brett’s wedding and so that is another thing that I have organised before I go away. Next Monday I am going to visit the venue with the happy couple and Mother-of- the- Groom Anna. We are going to measure for estimations of decorations and such stuff..

and did I mention only 9 days until we leave on “Big Lap WA 2015” I cannot.Wait!!

Football Season 2015 is officially over!

*huge sigh of relief*

We made it to the Grand Final again, and lost it again, it’s all good at least the boys tried. We’ve had a week to unwind and relax, and all of us saying “Tuesdays and Thirsday nights are just not the same now” because they were training nights and every second week on Tuesdays is my Bible Study night so we kind of cross paths briefly. Tuesday and Thursday nights were what was formally known as “Quick and easy night” or “Slow Cooker night” meals on those nights had to be able to be cooked and cleaned up quickly and easily or cooked in the slow cooker so that we just had to serve it as we came in or before we run out the door. Well now it’s all over we can go back to having whatever we want, because I dont have to leave until about 7:20pm for Bible Study meeting so we can sit down together and eat again.

No more early morning Sunday mornings, in the cold, sometimes up before the birds.

Today was Presentation Day. Someone in the club had made a donation so there were sufficient fund for the boys, the coach, the trainer and the runner to go and have a session of paintball. So we dropped Star Son off at 11:30am and collected him at 1:00pm and then we had to be at the Football ground at 2:30pm for his presentation, we got there early and had some lunch.

My very handsome Star Son.

When he was little maybe 4or 5 years old we went to the RAAF (Royal Australian Airforce) museum at Point Cook, and for some reason he decided he wanted to be in the RAAF and fly planes. Then he found out his Great Grand Father on his Paternal Grand Mother’s side was in the RAAF and so he was even more sure he would be in the RAAF. Then Football came along, and ever since then he’s been switching between the two careers, so today he combined both.. Not really but look at this out fit for Paintballing, he looks like he’s in the RAAF!! I think he’s totally adorable!!

So presentations came and went and despite his great season and great feedback he didnt walk away with a trophy, but he did get a medal for the season to add to the swag of other ones he’s collected. I think we’re all a bit glad its over for another season, we have now about oh… 7 months before the next season starts and we go through it all again!

But also the end of Football season, is also exciting this year because it means yes.. We are another step closer to “Big Lap WA2015” today marks 13 days left.. I’m counting..

Today the Bloke took the wheels off the trailer AKA Tilly.. (In an upcoming post I am going to introduce you to all the “camping family”) and cleaned the bearings and oiled them all up and replaced the wheels so Tilly is good to go. Next weekend we move her from her parking place to the undercover parking place and start loading her! All the battery packs have been charged and are ready to go.. So it’s all coming together nicely. 

Tomorrow I start sorting out Star Son’s clothing, the plan is I’ll pick what I want him to take, he’ll probably take half of it out or switch it around and then we will negotiate and I’ll win, because I am the Mother and I always win!! My clothes are packed, but then on mentally reviewing what I’ve packed I feel like I need to change some things so I’ll rejig it before it gets packed in the trailer. The Bloke knows what he wants to take but hasnt packed yet!

It’s been a busy weekend, yesterday I spent a few hours with my cousin Lee, we went into the Melbourne Show Grounds to the Paperific expo, it was fun, so much art and craft supplies and ideas, we were lucky enough to be able to sit amd do a mini class using a new powdered paint product, that was fun!! I brought myself a few new rubber stamps to use as backgrounds for various mixed media pieces. Then I came home and tried to think about what goodies I should put in my travelling art kit… Talk about headache… I have so many supplies in so many mediums, I am struggling about being minimal and which to take and which to leave. I’m sure whetever I’ll take I’ll regret leaving something behind, but the Bloke is being pretty firm with me about the size of the bag I’m allowed to take. I figure if I can get ine piece of “art” in some form done at each camp spot I’ll be happy, wether it be working on my lettering or sketching or  a mixed medium art journal page. Last night we went to Lee and Craigs for dinner, we had a bbq, which was nice, we havent done that in a while.

Now its bedtime.. Sweet dreams..

It’s Monday again… *sigh*

So we are on the count down for our “Big Lap WA” it’s officially only 26 more days.. the time is flying by and it suddenly starts to feel real.

This weekend coming, we are working on checking the trailer and stocking up on essentials.. new batteries for torches and things like that. This past weekend we went and brought ourselves new fishing rods.

Here is a photo of my new Rod.. the Bloke always a smart ass, went into the store and asked for some rods. and then asked for “A Sheila rod,” I added something pink and cute. So look at this lovely bit of art work on my rod, who knew they could be so pretty?

Look at these grips and that beautiful pink and silver reel.. you know I’m almost certainly guaranteed to catch a fish with this rod and the added bonus a pretty pink cap!

I do believe that’s the first time and most probably the last time I’ve ever been called a “Femme Fatale” but as you can see its to help raise money for Breast Cancer, so I’m proud to wear it… at least while I’m fishing!!

I had Star Son home from school sick Thursday and Friday, and then Friday morning the Bloke woke up sick and so he stayed home and we packed up and went to our holiday place, not much use staying here sharing he germs around/

Then Sunday morning I woke up with a croaky, scratchy throat and now I’m sick.. I am SO OVER WINTER!! this is the fourth time this winter we’ve been sick, my daughter Jasmin and Grandson Squishy are home in isolation with conjunctivitis and Squish has an added ear infection.. poor sweety!

I just keep humming to myself… 26 more days, 26 more days, lah lah lah lag lahhhh!

Last week The Bloke was on one of the forums he regularly visits and asked about “free camping” we are equipped for FREE CAMPING with our solar panels and own toilet etc, but so ar we have nt done much of it.. ok we’ve done none, because last November we went to DO some FREE camping but the lake was empty so we statyed in a caravan park in Wentworth instead. So someone on the forum mentioned “Pildappa Rock” which I have never heard of before and so as I do.. I went to google and found it and love it!!

Pildappa Rock is in South Australia, we have to drive past the turn off so we think we’ll go visit.. I mean it looks amazing!!

Karcultaby Area School should be congratulated for carrying out revegetation work around the base of Pildappa Rock. Good on you guys!

Photo from

Pildappa Rock's Flare Structure is a commonly seen feature of inselbergs. Only rarely are such structures found as large as those at Pildappa Rock.

The articles I’ve been reading are saying it’s as good as or Better than Wave Rock in Hyden in Western Australia, which is on our list of “must sees”

Whenever we are planning a trip, I always ask the “blokes” what do you most want to see? and we get together a list, the big Bloke chose Wave Rock.

Wave Rock

I love rocks, I have always loved Rocks, I fell in love at first sight with Uluru, and left a piece of my heart there. So I am excited to see these rocks, although I doubt they will hold the fascination of Uluru for me.. I could be wrong… but I think even Kata Juta (The Olgas- Uluru’s Sister rocks) has more call to my heart. Watch this space there will be LOTS of rocky photos!