Happy 2017!

So its Feb 24th 2017

I’ve been missing in action, Im not going to replay everything that happened but lets just start from  here. This year has been busy already and its been a mixed bag, good and bad.

I am doing a crochet challenge, so each day I crochet one granny square… doing that with Nadia from YARNutopia.

I am also doing a temperature blanket, where we crochet one row a day with a colour that represents the days highest temperature. I am using this time to learn new stitches and techniques.

Plus 43 things is back! Oh how I have missed that site, its run by different people but similar to the old set up, so Ive been able to rcreate some of my old goals! One of the goals is about asking questions to see who will play along and answer them, so in response to today question was to share our blog.. I just realised how neglected mine has become.

I will endevour to keep up to date with my blog this year! I promise!!


Well starting in two weeks because next week I am away camping in South Australia.


Make over time…

And once again, I haven’t been here recently.. I am sorry I promised to be better.. but then I decided to work on me.

If you’ve followed me for a while you may have read my “50 before 50” goal if not here it is…

Well guess what? that 50 is racing upon us and I hate to be surprised about some things so I’m planning.. OK, so I have 11 months, but it’s good to be prepared, I want to cross some things off that list and also the most important one is “to throw myself an amazing 50th birthday party” So the planning has begun, the theme is set and I am working on collecting the bits n piece to decorate. I could have it at a “place” and let someone else do the work, but then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Maybe it’s from all the years of planning parties for the numerous children and friends and family, I LIKE the responsibility of making it come to live and I don’t even mind the clean up, the bigger the mess the more fun that was had.

Anyways… side track, one of my goals was to loose weight and get to my goal weight (I did that but I did not maintain it! ) and keep it off till my party! this would mean that I can wear a fabulous costume.. yes most of my parties involve some kind of theme involving some kind of fancy dressing.

So I have embarked on “transformation” I have 11 months now to get where I want to be and to stay there. August 22nd I weighed in and did the measurements. I am doing Body Trim again, because I KNOW it works and I KNOW that I can maintain it I just have to be strong for and with myself.

Well now it is week four..I have lost three kilograms and yes that’s a small amount, but since I only had about 10 kilos to loose it means that it will be slower.. but that’s ok, I understand it’s part of the program and so usually when you don’t loose on the scales you loose on the tape measure and this too has been happening.

So part of the first four weeks on Body Trim is learning to “re program your body and eating the correct way” we have to learn to eat three main meals and three snacks, all Protein. The first three days are a detox phase where you eat only protein and drink lots of water (for me that’s been an effort) and get used to making 10,000 at least steps a day. I don’t know about yáll but 10,000 steps takes a lot of effort. So that meant, little apart from house work got done. House work is actually a good way to get 10,000 steps but then I had friends on “Fit Bit” and so we started challenging each other and that can be addictive!

Anyways that explains my absence, so now I am back and I am going to share the journey with you and share the recipes that I make and I just found this really cool exercise to get rid of my double chins! SO I thought I’d start by sharing that!

I also forgot to mention, that since I was doing so well on Body trim, I have a better attitude about loosing weight and so I am doing (to further push myself) “SugarfreeSeptember” each day we take a photo of the thing on this list!


Why don’t you join us? go to for more info! you can start where you are!






Early morning blog post… Using our words wisely..

Good Morning everyone (spoken in my best teachers voice) its 7:37am Friday the 5th of August, its my Brother Bill’s birthday, I hope the card I sent him will makes it in time. Its also the day Marilyn Monroe died all those years ago, no Bill I wont reveal your age, but as he came into the world, she went out of it.

 I have just completed my bible study for the day, this bible study in on the Book of James with Courtney over at Good Morning Girls today we were instructed to read James 3:1-12. Then we choose a portion of the scripture that most appeals and we do the S.O.A.K method and colour code it. This morning I chose verses 3-6 and I’ll share it with you below so you know what I am waffling on about..

James 3:3-6New International Version (NIV)

3 When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. 4 Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. 5 Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. 6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

So these verses tell us about how “things” including our tongues can be controlled. I am particularly drawn to the lines 

6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

Lets read it again… The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.

I am sure that whoever you are,  reading this blog post, (and whoever you are THANK YOU for taking time in your busy life to spend some time in my words.) that at some stage in your life or maybe even repeatedly you have been touched by words that have come from an evil tongue, and maybe even been the cause of the evil tongue lashing, I know I have been on both sides. We are born of men, we are all sinners, as long as we learn from the experience and ask for forgiveness its not a wasted experience.  But then you too, like me, know the power of those words and how much they sting and how once spoken they cant be retracted. It doesnt matter how many times someone says “Sorry” to you, or tries to tell you that they spoke in anger and “didn’t mean what they said” its STILL, sometimes years afterwards, those stinging words that come back and the pain is as fresh as if it happened only yesterday. I wish we knew the effect those stinging words would have on the person we said them to BEFORE we said them, before it was too late to take them back. 

Yes, I have been on the end of stinging words, from people closest, whom you thought were your family. And as much as I pray for their forgiveness, I struggle to be able to mute those words. I had a discussion with my sister-in-law a few nights ago, and she wisely told me that I have to let it go because its robbing me of being truly happy and being the best me I can be. Thats very true it is robbing me of that. And everytime I think I am past it, something happens to remind me and the words are back in my head and I’m right back there again. I, on the other hand, well I am mousey, I never have the bravery to stand up and say what I think, I never have. Prehaps that is a saving Grace, maybe that is God’s plan, he puts his hand over my mouth, so I wont say the things my mind thinks! I go one of two ways, I either bite my tongue and let it go, (as a wise man once told me “Pick your fights“) I am SUPER good at that, its a wonder I still have a tongue after all these years.  Or I sit down and think it all out and then I write my scathing replies usually in a flood of tears and a world of pain. I am REALLY good at that option. But l also found out from one of those recipents that after all these years its been 16 years since I wrote that letter, it haunts her like her words keep haunting me, she kept the letter and re-reads it, so she keeps herself in that pain,  really I am NO better than she was, I just thought I was. I wonder if while she was using her tongue to SAY all those things she got as much relief as I got WRITING all those words, setting the truth free?! I wonder if she at the time, walked away feeling better that she had cleared the air and voiced her opinion. I know writing the words and mailing the letter was healing for me, I quickly forgot all about the letter until I was reminded of it a few years ago. 

Today as I was working on my bible study the morning radio was on in the back ground and a caller phoned in to request a song it was a little after 7:00am and she was returning home from the gym, she said she had crossed paths with a fellow gym member who complimented her on how great she looked that day. A simple compliment made the whole difference to the caller of the radio show, she explained that in Feb. she had had surgery for a weight loss procedure and was new to the gym, but was trying really hard to loose weight and get fit, she told of the struggle to get out of bed this morning it was only 3C and its icy out there, but she forced herself to her work out, and then she receieved that compliment and it made the world of difference to her that someone was noticing. She also mentioned that since Feb. she had shed an amazing 36 kilograms of un wanted weight. Probably the Lady who made the compliment wouldnt have known any of that. It made me think about the lady who had used her words wisely and complimented the caller.. Did she feel good muttering those words as she passed by? Did she wake up this morning and decide that she would use her words wisely and start off complimenting someone at the gym? Even knowing the lady who used her wise words was running late, she took that time to make someone elses day seem brighter. I really wonder if the the Lady who made the compliment realised what a Huge difference she made to the caller? I REALLY hope the lady who made the compliment, has a super day today! i hope someone pays her a compliment so she will feel a little of what the caller felt. So the caller requested the song from Bob Marley “One love” and I stopped my bible study to really listen to the words of the song and it made me more conscious of using my words for good today. 

Friday will be “Use your words Wisely Day” for those of you who are not yet in Friday won’t you join me? I am going to try and only use Good words today, wish me luck! 

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

I almost forgot to write a blog…

Its been a busy day!

6:50am- Studying the Book of James, today we did verses 2:14-17 and then we colour code and S.O.A.K it.. So that takes a while.

Then I read half a chapter of my book, checked my online things like my emails and Facebook etc.

8:00am time to get up and get the Star Son off to School, by the time he leaves I’ve usually started a load of laundry, made the bed and done the dishes. So by 8:45am the house is clean, the Galah Charlie has been fed and entertained.

Each morning I start a fresh journal page and put a check list of jobs or things I want to achieve. It looks like this…

  • Bible Study- James 2:14-17 
  • Art-
  • Crochet-
  • Book-

Then as I have done the thing I make a note and tick it off..

Art– Yesterday I did a Bible page from Rebekah R Jones series called “Heaven is Calling” I am really loving the way Rebekah breaks down each lesson and shows us how she did her page and also breaks down the scripture so that we understand it more, LOVE that! 

And today I finished the page I began preparing yesterday, we had to do two layers of base coat and allow to dry then go over it with water colour which absolutely soaks the page.. While still wet we had to lay some cling film on top and smoosh it all around and then leave it to dry. I will confess that I was nervous about that process because let’s be honest I am yet to find a bible that has thick pages, so I waited with baited breath to see how it would turn out.

Cling wrap over wet water colour, a few nervous moments…

This is the final result. This was lesson 5 in Rebekah R Jones series “Heaven is Calling” we discussed how an Angel came to Gabriel and spoke to him, but he doubted that it was a message from God because “Why would God talk to me?” Well, now OUR God as I am getting to know him, and knowing how much he loves us, my question for Gabriel is “Why NOT me?” 

Anyways.. As you can see the cling wrap came off nicely and I am totally in love with how this background turned out, in fact, so much so I will definately be using that technique again. In Rebekah’s instructional video, she used a rubber stamp with white ink to make the word “Healed” I didnt have either of those so I hand wrote it and used a white posca pen, not the best choice, Im not happy with the “whitenes” I really prefer Rebekah’s brilliant white, but hey, we work with what we have and so overall I love this page! Yesterday I also started prepping todays page, again, another two coats of sealer were required. 

Today’s “Heaven is calling” lesson was anout Mary and Martha. When they met Jesus, Mary dropped at his feet and listened intently to all he had to speak of, but Martha, poor, Martha was side tracked preparing the feast and looking after everyone and so she asked Jesus “Lord, dont you see what Mary is doing? Leaving all the work for me to do? Are you not going to tell her to come help me?” (side note… I can hear MY voice coming out Martha’s mouth!) Jesus gently rebuked Martha and told her that Mary was doing the right thing and that she was having doing a good thing and he would NOT rebuke her and that Martha should “Choose the good portion” hmmm, something to think about next time I am wanting to moan about having to do all the work. Here’s what my version looked like…

So my Bible art is well and truely back on track and I am loving it and realising I have been missing my small bite sized chunks of art!

I am also working on a FREE art journaling class with Allyson Bright, she also has us in a FB group, so we can add our work there and ask for feedback if we want it. So here are some of those pages… Today was lesson number 5- the prompt was to do a page about an animal we love, we we have plenty to chose from but I found this lovely photo of my poodle Ambrosia so I did a page on her.

Yesterday- I did day 3- “What is your Name?” Now since no one uses my name much, I chose to honor the other names I am called. Mum, Marley, Mumsy, Mumma from my children. Grandma and Me Maa from my Grand babies, amd my husband AKA “The Bloke” calls me “His Sheila” so this page represents all that. 

Also yesterday, because the boys were at late football training and I had some spare time I did another page, this was for day 4- a list of “Things that make me happy” .. I love lace, pearls, glitter, chocolate, coke a cola, roses, my Bible study lots of things! 

Next on the list is crochet, I am currently crocheting a blanket for my soon to be born Grand daughter, and I chose to do it in chunky wool so it’ll be nice and warm and quick to make. I am doing corner to corner again, since my daughter loved the last blanket I made for my niece’s baby due in November. 

Then we have reading.. Well I have to schedule that in as well or else it doesnt get done, so I am currently reading yet, another Di Morrissey book, this one is called “The winter sea” I love that most of her books are set all in Australia or at least partly Australia and partly another country. So I got a chapter and a half of that read.

So that brings me up to fate. i thought I would share my arty stuff only occasionally so you dont all get bored.

My Faith is His Joy or Que Sera Sera!

I will keep on expecting you to help me. Psalm 71:14 Today’s Food for Thought: This simple phrase, these few words: I will keep on expecting you to help me. They hold great power. The power o…

Source: My Faith is His Joy

If you have time to follow the above link to read the whole post PLEASE DO!!!

Yes! again, I am sharing a post from Cooking up Faith. I feel that we seem to be on the same Journey or wavelength and I find myself saying “Yes! me too” to her posts, today is no different and let me explain why…

Faith… Hebrews 11:1 says, It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead.

Even before I started my journey with the Lord I knew that “Someone was watching out for me” how else could you explain the things I’ve done in my life? I used to think that is was My Dad watching out for me… he died when I was 24 and 3/4’s before things started to go wrong. So when I winged my way through tricky situations and make decisions that were good but I didn’t know where they came from I would think “Thanks Dad for helping me” and now I look back and realize it was my “Dad” helping me but it was my “Heavenly Father” and not my earthly one.. makes total sense now.

In the above Post Cooking up Faith mentions “My husband is in a line of business that holds many possible projects at any given time, yet not all always pan out. We never know which ones for sure will come through.”

My Husband is the same, but recently his company decided that they would be asking people to take “Volunteer redundancy” packages. My husband has been at this company for 20 plus years and so he wanted to find out “what his worth was” so he asked the HR lady to tell him the figure. She explained that in order for her to give him that information he had to sign a form “expressing interest in taking the package” he argued he DIDN’T want to take the package he just wanted to find out the figure. It went back and forth and in the end he reluctantly signed the form.

A week went by and she came back with a figure. It wasn’t what we were expecting. Another issues being that as he has just turned 60 he is not eligible for the “Aged Pension” until 65 yrs. So we would have to both go looking for jobs to be able to get a part payment. Anyways…. LONG Story cut short… I got a bit worried.

I have been a stay at home Mum for 25 yrs. I went back to work briefly when Daughter number 2 was small but hearing her screams following me down the street on the way to work made me realize it wasn’t worth the money. So I became a stay at home Mum and have been since. I did offer when Master 14 started Secondary School to go and get a job, but the Bloke pointed out that we are OK, we own what we have, we don’t owe anyone money and we have a nice life. I have never been a clothes horse, or shoe freak or handbag collector so we don’t have huge bills. He wanted me to stay home and be a Stay at home Mum, but now suddenly that might all change.

So I did the only thing I know to do, I went to my Heavenly Father and explained the situation to him and said “If you want me to have a job please help me find one I am qualified for” that’s the problem! 25yrs of raising children and now Grand children doesn’t pay in much except endless love, but what skills do I have to offer? All the “jobs” I have done over the years have all been Volunteer. So even though I was a Secretary and a Treasurer for a Rock n Roll club, I didn’t get paid, I also didn’t get paid for the articles I wrote for the magazine, and I didn’t get paid for the weekly radio program we ran. All those skills are un paid, can I use them in a “real” job? So I went to God and I prayed and I am praying still, if I NEED to go get a job and let me be clear I am WILLING to do that to make the Bloke’s life easier. Please Lord, help me find something that I can do and that I will be capable at.

It’s that faith, that lead me to a Facebook page that helps locals find jobs, and within a week I found three jobs part time that my Husband would be suitable for.

It’s that faith, that tells me it’s Ok it will work out, don’t get worried, and keep HIM calm too. My Husband is a NON Believer but that’s OK I pray for him each day, on his behalf, and so though he doesn’t know it God’s got this under control.

So far my Husband’s Redundancy request has not been accepted, and we both think that if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen and though he FEELS a bit stressed about the whole thing, I feel calm and secure in the knowing that whatever happens God’s got this covered.

As “Cooking up faith” says “Did you know that we give God joy when we expect Him to take care of us?”

Because It’s that faith, that makes me confident that though our daily lives might change a better version of our lives will come from it. So we might need to tighten our belts and maybe take a few less plane trips, (My Husband will LOVE that, he hates to fly!)  use some more “plain label” shopping goods, cook more meals in bulk and freeze for another day, I’ve been through that before, I can do that again!

I can’t see the future, it’s all in God’s timing, but I KNOW that he loves us and wants us to be the best “US” we can be.

So “Que Sera Sera” whatever will be will be!

A Day to See

For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God, and the breath of all mankind. Just as my mouth can taste good food, so my mind tastes truth when I hear it. Job 12:10,11 Today’s Foo…

Source: A Day to See


And once again I am reminded that I need to slow down and enjoy the beauty that our God has created for us to enjoy. In Australia its Winter and I think, and yes, it might only be me, but I think that it’s been a colder winter than last year. This could maybe be because I am growing older and feeling the cold more. I also think its been a wetter winter than last year. On the weekend we went out driving in our new car and commented on all the water laying around on the pastures. But when I check the official stats for the water storages it tells me we are down on last years rain falls and capacity of held water, so obviously it’s just ME that thinks it’s wetter.

Let’s be honest here, I DO NOT like Winter, I do not like the cold at all, but since GOD designed the world like this who am I to complain? HE purposed that we would have winter at this time of the year so that our friends on the other side of the world could have summer. And when they are like me complaining about Winter, I will be complaining (I’m Sure!!) about the heat! As children of “MEN” it is our job to complain and want more and to not be satisfied. We are born sinners remember!  So when I read this post above and this bit in particular I am reminded, STOP COMPLAINING!!

May these works of your hands hit me like the wind of a crisp Autumn day hits my face. May I notice them. Slow me down and allow me to savor the beauty around me that is shouting your existence.

So today my prayer is “Dear God, please help me to stop complaining about Winter, Please help me to find something beautiful or at least positive in each day. Help me to notice that there are things that happen in Winter that don’t happen any other time of the year (Apart from my over eating of comfort foods and gaining of extra kilos) Lord, please remind me how I love the gentle patter of rain on the roof and that the rain is helping to refill the water storages that will take us through Summer and most of all Lord, help me to appreciate the work of YOUR hands in creating a sleeping winter landscape, in your name I pray Amen


I don’t like Winter.. and then God sends me this beautiful Winter Rose… I gave it to my Mother-in-law!


I don’t like Winter, but I get to spend moments like this… with my Sweetpea!

winerrobI don’t like Winter, and I hate being cold, so we look like THIS when we attend our Star Son’s football games, but I am thankful for the family outings and that our Son loves his sport!


Thank you “Cooking up Faith” for the gentle reminder again (Last week I also got a Gentle reminder!) and thank you for taking the time to share your faith with us who are still relatively new in God’s good words!

If you get a chance to follow the above link and read the original post, please do and while you are visiting read the mission statement..

I have copied it below, because THIS is what I want to be when I grow up… I am NOT there yet there are points I most surely need to work on, but guess what? God is patient and kind and forgiving and HIS timing is NOT my timing, I’ve got time to work on them all.


I Am a Woman of Faith:

I believe that God only has good intentions for my life.

I will respect all people and let God do the judging.

I know that good will come from everything in my life.

I will look at people’s hearts and intentions, not only their actions.

I help others when I see a need.

I am faithful to my husband and support him.

I watch what goes on in my home and work hard to maintain my home.

I speak wisely and kindly.

I live what I believe no matter what anyone thinks of me.

My beauty comes from my reverence and faithfulness to God.

I know my prayers are heard.

I believe scripture is living and active, and a powerful weapon against any stronghold.

I am forgiven with new mercies every morning.

~ Cooking Up Faith ~



I have been missing in action, I am sorry!

This year we have been having a massive de-clutter of our house and last weekend meant that we filled our third skip bin of the year. We have shuffled the house around, so and so’s room became so and so’s room and my art studio was relinquished to become a bedroom for my middle daughter. That was a hard thung to do, to empty the room of all my “stuff” to everyone else it was just junk or stuff, to me it was my “Art studio” I cried, I ranted, and I raved, I also smashed aLOT of stuff. I also cried out to God to make this process easier, I see-sawed between acceptance and hatred of what I was doing. 

Then I got really sad, and I spent a week or two on the verge of tears. If I didnt have an “Art studio” and I didn’t have all those art supplies (which were by now buried in the bottom of a skip bin!) how could I create art?! Ok, so now as I am spilling my guts in my blog, and reading these thoughts, I realise that was incrediably selfish, when so many other, much more important things are going on in the world. People are sick, home less, in debt, mourning, a whole range of other life changing situations, what am I whining over? I was going to my Thursday night art classes, which was helping me, at that stage it was the only “Art” that was happening. 

Its been a month now since that event, and more room changing, another skip bin, this time I promised myself I wouldn’t cry while I practised “Discardia” and de-cluttered my life. I was being so good, I even agreed to clear out the book shelf in the newly returned Study/ Library, I agreed that the set of Colliers Encyclopaedia that was exactly 25 yrs old and had barely been opened “could go to the bin” Now anyone who really knows me will tell you that I LOVE books and never thrown them away. I struggle to even give them away, or to pass them onto anywhere else, even though I KNOW I will never read them again. So me agreeing to “throw them in the bin” was huge and as I carried a pile of five encyclopaedia out to the bin I was congratulating myself on freeing up two whole  shelves in the bookshelf, mentally “high fiving” myself. As we got to the skip bin, I went to lift them up into the bin and BANG! Dropped the pile… I jumped back not fast enough and three landed on my toe, my feet clad in flat shoes barely covering my toes! So I swore, I screamed and I cried.. And limped inside cursing the whole time about who’s stupid idea was this anyways? ( It was mine!!) 

The upside of all this upheaval was that with a little juggling the lounge room or maybe you call it a living room, found some room and I was able to put a beautiful wooden wall unit in there to keep all my art supplies in. I told myself and everyone in our house that what ever did NOT fit into this cupboard would be going into the skip bin. I also have a work table and my comfy chair. A week later I still have not attempted any art in there. But I think I am getting closer. I miss it!

Also recently within the past month, we have purchased a new car,  a 4 wd drive, so that we can take some ” Off road” trips, meet Priscilla!

In September, in 53days actually we are heading to New South Wales to pick up our camper! Then we will begin a whole new way of camping!

On other matters, we are offically on count down mode, in 10 day my eldest daughter is due to give birth to our latest edition to the family, a little girl. Squishy is very excited to meet his little sister. Last week we attened an ante natal appointment with her and we got to hear the baby’s heart beat, Squishy was peeking aroind the edge of the Dr watching what she was doing to his Mummy, and he heard the heart beat and looked at me I told him “Thats your baby sister”  his little mouth made an “O” and his eyes widened and he whispered “My sister” it was a very special moment. He will be such a great big Brother and  Sweetpea has been practising feeding her baby dolls and giving them cudles to practise for her baby cousin.

I’ll be back with more news soon!