Sarah and Nick’s Rustic Wedding

Saturday 14th March 2015

Ceremony– Hanging Rock Reserve.

Reception– Macedon Jubilee Hall..

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to help with…

  1. Table decorations
  2. Table runners
  3. Wedding flowers
  4. Decorate the hall

None of this was asked by Sarah or Nick I happily put my hand up because Sarah is my niece and my hairdresser and a beautiful young lady, so I was happy to help, she works full-time as does Nick and so as I am home its easy for me to do these things.

So I’ve been decorating the jars, with burlap (AKA Hessian) and lace and raffia, once I got started they went quickly. I think we did about 50 jars. And then we did 10 fish bowls the same way but the burlap was slightly thinner.  Next up was the table runners, burlap with lace topper and they went over the top of crisp white table linens, the chairs had crisp white covers with gold chiffon bows.

On the Friday morning I made the wedding bouquets, that was a bit nerve-wracking because they would be on show for all to see. Sarah loved them, I was not totally in love with them but I was happy with them in general. I would have liked a few more white flowers to use in Sarah’s bouquet. I also made the “men pins” I thought that was such a cute name Sarah gave the boutonnieres. After the flowers were done 8:30 am till 11:30 am, we headed off to Macedon to help everyone set up the hall.

Sarah’s design brief was “Rustic and country” theme, so she went with the burlap, lace and gold. Very beautiful. Branches of gum trees were hung from the roof and they had been woven with fairy lights, which twinkled when the darkness fell. We set out the tables and dressed them,crisp white table linen, with the burlap and lace table runners on top, and the place cards and jars, two had sand and candles and the third (fish bowl) had branches and gum leaves in them really lovely. The table numbers were gold.

In the foyer was a table with a beautiful white candle burning, for the loved ones that were not present. There was a guest book to sign and also Nick had built a special table, from a huge log of fallen gumtree, and everyone got to sign the table which was going into their new home with a sheet of glass on top. Also my easel, spray painted gold to hide the paint drips, proudly held the table seating plan at the front door.

The table holding the wedding cake was a mini version of the rest of the tables, with the candle jars, gum branches and burlap and lace runner. The wedding cake had purple (to match the Bridesmaids) and an N & S on top in silver. Really sweet.

The Bridal table had larger letters N & S, which would not stand up nicely so Sarah’s Aunt had a brilliant flash of design we went outside and found a branch not too big but big enough to prop the letters up with, it worked a treat! Tea light candles, and a white tall candle in a black wrought iron cage either side, simple but just enough to continue the theme.

We had a lot of fun on Friday setting up the hall, putting the white covers on chairs and putting them all in place, the men, hung up the branches and all the fairy lights, and outside on the decking area where the pre wedding nibbles and drinks were held had beautiful purple and white paper lanterns in two sizes.

The actual wedding day was a beautiful day, we sat in the middle of a field, nick has constructed an aisle for Sarah and her bridal party to walk down, with hollowed out logs filled with gum branches and it was really perfect for the day. The bride and groom stood under an arch painted gold and dressed with gum branches and burlap with lace. All of which was underneath a HUGE old gnarled gum tree, perfect for Sarah’s design brief.

Sarah and her bridal party came in from behind us, across a bridge and across the field, beautiful. Nick’s nephews walked in front carrying a sign which read “Uncle Nick here comes your Bride” really cute.

Sarah and her proud father Peter seemed to glide down the aisle she looked amazing, and I got a bit misty eyed, thank goodness we were able to wear sunglasses. Both the Mother’s got to read part of a longer reading, which was a lovely touch.  The ceremony was not too long which was good because it was hot in the sun. Afterward there was a nearby place were we had the photos done.

Soon it was time to head back to the hall. the Bloke and I had one more important job to do. he had to climb up and turn on all the fairy lights in the branches hanging from the roof and the walls and I had to go and light all the candles.. It really made all the difference.  While everyone had pre dinner drinks and nibbles, and were encouraged to sign the guest book and table. It also gave the band time to set up.

Dinner was roasted meats and vegetables with salad sides, served to eat table buffet style, there was plenty of food, baked sweet potato, zucchini,mushrooms, pasta salad, rice salad, and green salad with bread rolls and for desert we had wedding cake, one layer was vanilla and cream and the second layer was chocolate and cream.

The speeches were done before the meal were served and the cake was cut after the main meal so it could be used for dessert. The band started after dinner and so there was plenty of dancing to be had.

We left fairly early because we had the girls and the babies, who were having fun dancing, Sweetpea danced with the groom, he started that tradition at their engagement party, and she loves it. Both of the babies loved the bright lights from the band. The bloke and I got to dance so in my book it was a successful night.

I am thankful that everything went smoothly and looked amazing, the Bride and Groom had a lovely day and I think that it was exactly as Sarah’s design brief wanted, so win win!!

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 27- Wedding plans, 10,000 steps and Salads galore…



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So back a few months ago, well back further than that even.. oh alright Back to April this year, my nephew (from my first marriage) got engaged and we went to their new house and ohh’ed and ahh’ed about how beautiful everything was, Robert and Ashley had a black and white theme and it was very elegant and subtle. Then we got an invite in the mail from the other nephew.. he was getting engaged, his was September, so Cory and Emma had a nice casual engagement party at the Gisborne Golf Club I had never been there, great function place. Looks like the colour theme was purples, another great night and then… his Sister! sent out engagement invitations, her party was two weeks later. Sarah and Nick had their party at the Gisborne Golf Club, another nice party venue.

Sarah’s mother is my ex sister-in-law Lindy, you may have read older posts about my sister-in-law Lindy who tells everyone I divorced her brother NOT her! We have always gotten on well and so we see each other a fair bit and Sarah is a hairdresser so she does my hair for me. So last time she was doing my hair we talked about themes for weddings and other choices etc and she pulls out her mobile and shows me “pinterest” I am a HUGE pinterest fan, so we looked at some different ideas and Sarah had a theme… have I mentioned I like themes?! Oh give me a theme and watch my heart skip a beat and my mind goes into overdrive “Oh WE could do this..” or “oh MY gosh.. look at this!” So Sarah has chosen a “Rustic theme” hmm yes YES!! So right away I say “Oh I can make that! imagine how much money you will save” I said..

So I came home and went through my supplies (AKA Junk Room/Art Studio) and found some stuff and whipped up a few different designs for Sarah to look at and had them ready to take to Cory’s engagement party to show Sarah and Nick. They will be similar but not quite like these…  I am not going to show you “our” style just yet…



But this is the general Idea… for flowers and or candles.. on each table.. So what is “Rustic?” you might ask? Here is one answer I found…

“There is something about a rustic style wedding that really pulls on my sentimental heartstrings. Rustic weddings are not trendy, or even a fad, but a style, a wedding style. One that is heartwarming, sweet, diverse, creative and oh-so-much more. Just like a vintage style wedding, rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural organics (think bark and trees), patterns and other characteristic details that you will become very familiar with as you follow along with us this month. We are so excited to feature a variety of some fabulous rustic weddings including glamorous, vintage, handmade, DIY, retro, beach, shabby chic and many more.” So what are some of the fun, distinctive details that define a rustic wedding? There’s burlap, lace, twine, cowboy (and girl) boots, suspenders, checks, plaid, wool, linen, mason jars, handmade wooden signs, moss covered monograms, sweet tea, homemade food and yes, barns. I could go on and on. Just wait until you see it all! Here’s just a small glimpse of what we’ve gathered in rustic goodness and a few sneak peeks too!

So now you know what “Rustic weddings” might be like… wait till you see our take on it.. Today Sarah visited me and brought some jars, we are all collecting jars to use for various things. She also asked me if I would make her bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets.. yay! bring it on I love a good challenge… please watch this space for more progress reports.. wedding is March 2015.. I’d better get busy!! #SarahandNicksWedding


Today I went to Highpoint ( Highpoint is a huge shopping mall) with my daughter Jasmin, she is a store manager for a retail store called “typo” and she’s just found out she is being transferred to a bigger store, which suits her well because she’s from McDonald’s and thrives on the busy work days. So we wanted to go scope out the place (Like some secret agents or spies!) and do a trial run and get some timing idea so she can plan her days accordingly. So today I finally hit my 10,000 step target, since I’ve been sick I haven’t hit the magical 10,00 since last Friday.

We had a list of things we had to “scope out” firstly “where to park” this place is humongous and so ordinary parking is really carefully undertaken, if you lost your car I have no idea how you would re find it.. BUT ordinary parking is just 4 hours and she will have at least 6 or more hour shifts so where do workers park? where was the closest entry to “Typo” we gave up on this mission and Jasmin will ask her new Boss before Monday. We worked out it takes 35 minutes to drive there and home. She’s ok with that as it’s about what she does now, except it’s far more traffic.

Next crucial thing on her list was “coffee” how far away from her store is the nearest coffee place and “please” she was praying “let there be a “Muffin break”” she has a loyalty card and every 5 coffee is free, so about every other day she gets a free coffee! laughs! Yes it was a Muffin Break, she’s happy!!

and finally… the bathrooms.. where, and how many? if there are only a few cubicles she will know not to wait until she is busting to go..

So by the time we walked here, there, back that way, around this corner, found some lunch and then the car and got home, my 10,00 steps were buzzing their presence. Another day well spent.

Both the boys Rob and Will were home sick today, so it was nice to escape.


Then finally..Reannon over at “she who rambles”  For Reannon’s challenge we will be using the #shewhoramblessalad

Has come up with a new challenge.. she is going to “eat a salad every day in November” I can join this challenge AND keep to my Daniel plan eating healthy at the same time.. So I have put my hand up for THAT challenge. November is going to be a huge month.

The first week of November the boys and I will be away camping, we leave 31st October and back 8th November. we are heading over the border into New South Wales to “Wentworth” the first night and then onto “Menindee Lakes” the second night for the rest of the time. Last year we went there camping and had the most enjoyable time.. yep we’re going back!!

So I will be doing my “Salads” from there, I hope I have internet!!

Then on the 15th November I am attending a Zentangle art class with my cousin at the It should be fun and I am excited to learn some. I teach myself a new patterns every so often to add to some snail mail or whatever.

Today has been a busy day!!