Happy Birthday Star Son!

This time, 23rd January 2002, 13 years ago it was a Tuesday, I was resting after a struggle to deliver my very handsome Star Son. He was in special care because he was a bit shocked at being made to come out early, he was HUGE and he got stuck, shoulder dystocia (basically his shoulder didn’t want to come through my pelvis and they thought he might be born with a broken shoulder)

Shoulder dystocia happens when your baby’s head has been born, but one of her shoulders becomes stuck. Your baby’s shoulder can get stuck if:

by then I was passed caring because I heard the dreaded “C-Word” they said “if he doesn’t come soon we will perform a c-section”

Finally he was born, a whopping 9 pound 4 ozs and huge!He was born with Janis Martin singing the song “Billy Boy” at exactly 4.00pm!

While he was in the Special care nursery he was such a shock to everyone, we kept walking past him, looking for our son, no one could quite believe I gave birth to that with minimal effort. I was in the shower and walking down stairs 45 minutes after having him, I had to ring his older brothers and sisters to tell them! We stayed in the hospital three nights, I couldn’t sleep with the noisy room-mate so I asked to go home, he was after all baby number 4 I think I knew what I was doing..

A Collage of my darling Star Son!

He was born with that birth mark, at first the DR’s thought it was a bruise from the forceps, and then they mentioned more deadly scenarios and so he had to undergo lots of testing. He got eczema when he was little before 6 months old and we had to wrap him in wet bandages and oil him up with lotions and potions.

This boy child of mine has the best personality, he really is a bright shining star!


Mum and Will.

IMG_0707  IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711

His Special Order for the day was “Chocolate Cheese cake” so I made him this one.. from scratch and it was goooood….

His request for the day was “Chocolate cheese cake with strawberries on top”

See next post for recipe!

IMG_0705  IMG_0697

Squishy and Sweetpea played happily while I made the cheesecake

Uncle Will and Sweetpea morning “birthday” huggles.

My Star Son had a good day, with his second sister he spent the day at Watergardens, they played Blowing and laser tag and had lunch. For birthday dinners the birthday person chooses what they want, he chose KFC and Cheesecake, so we had the both sisters and one of the partners over for dinner, it was a good day I think.

He is having a joint birthday party with a school friend on Sunday (Monday is a public holiday called “Australia Day”) So they are doing the party at the girls house on Sunday night.

Fantabulous Fridays

Fantabulous Friday.. First Friday in 2015!!

Fantabulous Fridays

What a day it’s been, number one daughter was home and took Squishy away for the day so I had free time, I decided it was time to clear out the “Art Studio” which is late has become the “dumping ground” for most of the house, which meant that I wasn’t even going down there let alone doing any “Art” I cannot even recall the last time I picked up a paint brush I think it was about June 2014.

So today I was determined, I am doing a challenge called “31 days to a more organised life” you can read more here:

Some where I read that we should start a “Declutter Box” and each day as we are cleaning we should put the stuff we no longer want or need into the box and then remove the contents regularly. I LIKED the idea and decided to use it for the Art Studio.

So Off I went, I didn’t get too far before the spider webs started bothering me, so then I had to go around with the broom and fix those, needless to say I was down there 4 hours on and off and it now looks good enough to create art in.. in fact I’ve started!!

I must admit it wasn’t as bad as I had expected but I feel so much happier now it’s all done!

Today was also day two of my “30 day Green Smoothie Challenge”

The first one was soooo yummy and yummy!!

Day Two’s was also yummy but I prefer day one’s, I didn’t buy the chia seeds for today’s smoothie.. maybe it’ll be different with the chia seeds.

Each recipe makes enough for two serves which is the daily recommended serve, so I had one after dinner and one for tomorrow breakfast.

Today while taking a break from Cleaning, we took a drive to Castlemaine about an hours drive from home to see the Eldest son, before he jets off to NZ backpacking. It’s a nice easy drive and always a good time to catch up on some reading. I am currently reading “Walk with me” by Kevin Hitchcock, for my “2015-Aussie writers” challenge.

Fantabulous Friday…

Fantabulous Fridays


Today is day two of our “Pre Christmas Getaway” really only two days? i had to look on the calendar.. See the days feel like forever down here…

Slept in till 9.15 am… Shock horror! My Bloke never sleeps in! After we had breakfast we decided to go for a drive to the next town Portarlington. They usually have a boat at the pier selling freshly caught mussels, which my Bloke loves! But the boat was not in today, so we cruised through town and  decided to keep going, this time we went off to Queenscliff, which is a favourite place of mine. They have a historic fort and beautiful historic houses.

Plus we found out today, the bakery sells according to the window sign “Voted “The best pies in Australia” 2013 and 2014 so we had to give it the taste test!!



We had an impromptu picnic in the local park and fed the lone magpie the crumbs, they were good pies, or maybe it’s just because I haven’t had a pie in so long any pie would be good?! We wandered up a nearby street and day dreamed about winning the $30 Million Jackpot in Tattslotto and buying this house!!



See that very top room, with the fence around it? That’s called “The Widows walk” where the women would walk and watch for their men returning from sea.. That room will be my art studio, when I buy this house. It needs so love and attention on the outside, I think my Bloke will need to quit work and get a bigger karcher to pressure clean the outside of my new house!

So then we went to the local church, it’s a cute little church on the corner and it has a second-hand shop in it, of course I only ever look at the books, and today they also had a “Garage sale” in the back room, so indeed I did find some books,  a “Good News Australia” bible, and “Jesus” by A.N.Wilson.

So I have no idea about these books but for $3:00 I also didn’t argue, if I don’t want them I can pass them on.


The Third book in the photo is “A banner Bold” its a diary type book “the diary of  Rosa Aarons” this is one of the books I’ll read for the 2015 challenge to “Read Australian books” its set in the Ballarat Gold fields in 1854. Ballarat is approx an hours drive from my home, famous for the Gold rush in the 1800’s.

In the afternoon we got lazy again, Star Son and I went for a walk and visited the beach and although the sun was shining the wind was bitterly cold, brrr, we were glad to come home. So here are some photos from today.. Day Two in The adventures at Bel Far Niente.

Fantabuous Fridays.. or not.. well it’s Friday! Sneak Peek into 2015..

Fantabulous Fridays

it’s Friday, it wasn’t “Fantabulous” but it is Friday.

I had a Grand-baby free day, Daughter number one had her day off, so I thought I would get a lot more done than I did… but what I did do was move around all the furniture in the living room, vacuum the rug and sweep the floors, got all the washing in the whole house done, out on the line dried and brought in, folded and put away, except for the load which is out there now.

And then I got lazy.

I was going to write Snail Mail. I owe some letters, but then I looked at them and felt like it was all too hard and so I did not do that. I had a cat nap and watched a DVD with the children and read my new cook book “Paleo Cooking, from Elana’s Pantry” its Gluten free, diary free and Grain free recipes. You can find out more about Elana at her website here:

So that got me thinking about how much I wanted to share about my book on my blog, because let’s face it, not many people in my real life circle are readers and even the ones who are, are not as eclectic (I love that word!) as me, so they are usually not really very interested in hearing about my books. So I have decided to add a page to my blog where I will talk about books.. they are one of my favorite subjects and there are thousands of books in my house, my husband keeps building shelves and I keep filling them up, recently I decided to “set them free” after I read them because let’s face it, there is not enough time to read a good book more than once when there are so many other good books waiting to be devoured.

Then I discovered “Sarah Mae” (go here: ) and she is a Christian Blogger and in February she is starting a group to read Christian Classics. She has a little group called “Sisterhood Circle” its free to join and then you can join in with Sarah Mae and her reading, she’s supplied a list for the first six months, a book a month. I had a quick look, I have never heard of these books but I might enjoy them…

Here is what Sarah Mae has to say…


Oh friends.

I can hardly wait to dig into these great books WITH YOU. I’m just going to jump right into what I’m reading, and then I have FAQ below that will give you all the details of the club!

What I Will Be Reading

I have picked six books, one per month, that I am committed to reading. After six months is up, I will pick more classics for the rest of the year. Below is what I’m reading, a bit about that book, and my note on why I’m reading it.

First up (of course)…


About: This book contains rare, never before published material of selected, transcribed, edited sermons delivered by A.W. Tozer.

BONUS: Contains In Pursuit of God, Christianity Today “Readers’ Choice Award” winning biography of A. W. Tozer by James L. Snyder.

My note: If you know anything about me, you know I love Tozer. That’s why this book. Also, this: “I am looking for the fellowship of the burning heart – for men and women of all generations everywhere who love the Savior until adoration becomes the music of their soul…”


About: The Holy Spirit & Power contains ten Spirit-empowered, original sermons of John Wesley from John Wesley’s “Standard Sermons,” excerpts from John Wesley’s testimony, material from “The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley,” and portions from his letter to Dr. Conyers Middleton.

My note: I read the beginning of this to see what it was about and I was completely sucked in. It pretty much had to do with this quote: “I became a missionary to convert the heathens; but oh who shall convert me? Who, what, is He who will deliver me from this evil heart of unbelief? I have a fair summer religion. I can talk well, and believe myself while no danger is near. But let death look me in the face, and my spirit is troubled.”


About: Who’s in control of this world—God or the devil? In this best-selling classic, A.W. Pink answers such profound questions in a language the average Christian layperson will find not only understandable but totally engaging.

Pink, one of the most influential evangelical authors of the last century, writes with fiery passion and brilliant clarity, giving Biblical answers to our deepest questions regarding the “sadly neglected and little understood” doctrine of the sovereignty of God.

My Note: I have always heard of A.W. Pink but I have never read anything he has written. Time to change that!


About: Time after time, when Jonathan Edwards read his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” both sinners and sinning saints in his audience would weep, cry out, fall down in repentance, and plead for God’s forgiveness.

For more than two centuries, Jonathan Edwards’ messages have brought conversion, hope, and spiritual awakening to thousands of Christians. Updated and revised, these eleven classic messages will bring a fresh awakening to today’s Christians.

My Note: This is probably Edwards most famous sermon, and the title makes me wince. But I want to know what it says and why it has captivated people throughout the years.


About: God’s names reveal not only different dimensions of His character but also point to their fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. This insightful little book is a study of the twelve most common Hebrew names for God—and their significance and fulfillment in Christ.

Names of God accurately and clearly works through the many names of God throughout the Old Testament.

My Note: I want to know they names of God and, as the description says, understand their fulfillment in Christ. Fascinating.


About: George Mueller was a truly great man of God, but he wasn’t always so. As a youth, he was a thief, a liar, and a gambler, but God’s grace brought about a 180-degree turnaround in his life. After that happened, Mueller learned about the power of prayer, which taught him that: God is real, God is completely trustworthy, and God answers prayer.

As you read the bountiful and miraculous answers to prayer in this book, don’t be surprised if you feel a stirring within your spirit that becomes a desire to pray and ask God to use your life for His glory.

My Note: George Mueller was the director of an orphanage in England, and he cared for thousands of orphans. You might remember him as the man who, when 300 children had no food to eat, he sat at the table and thanked God for the food. Within minutes, food and milk was provided. Wow. I want to know more about that man and about that kind of faith and prayer.


Why are you doing a Christian Classics book club?

I have decided to do a Christian Classics book club because I have long wanted to spend more time reading Christian classics, but I have never made the time or effort. This year, I am going to dig into the words of the saints of the past, as I know there is such richness to be unearthed. Also, some the books I’ve chosen are just extremely famous (if that’s the right word) and I want to know about them. For example, “Sinners in the Hands of Angry God” is not exactly something I would pick up, but because it’s a well-known and revered classic, I’m going to read it.

Why wait until February?

I’m waiting until February for two reasons:

1.) I’m technically still on my year-off break. :)

2.) I’m doing a book study of Sally Clarkson’s new book, Own Your Life, in January.

When will we officially begin?

I will begin reading my first classic book at the beginning of February. On Friday, February 27th I will post my thoughts on the book. I will have a link-up where others can share what they’ve read and what they’ve learned.

How will this club go down?

Here’s the plan: You pick six Christian classics to read, and so will I (see the books above). At the end of each month I will write my thoughts/what I’ve learned on the book for that month. I will include a link-up for those who want to share what they’ve learned. You are welcome to read the same books as I am reading, or choose your own.

Will there be any interaction other than link-ups?

Maybe. I might do a Google hangout or something like that so we can actually discuss what we’re reading at the end of the month. I’ll figure this out in the coming months.

Can I do a real-life book club?

Yes! If you want to get some friends together and read a classic, I say GO FOR IT! I think it’s a fantastic idea!

 Let me know in the comments if you plan on joining in! (If you’re reading this in an email, just click here to come on over to the blog!) Here’s to February and learning and FELLOWSHIP of the burning hearts! You know, I may just rename this the Burning Hearts Club…what do you think?

So I am thinking about starting a challenge page for that, it will be monthly where I will check in and let you know what I am reading and how I am going with it… I will check out my local library and see if I can find any of these books there rather than go right out and buy them.

There is so much coming up in 2015. I think I am going to have to pace myself, at about this time of the year I start thinking back about this year and ask myself things like “Did you enjoy that class/lesson/book/study group? etc ect” and thinking about do I want to do the same next year or something different, I am a bit like a magpie, my mind flutters all over the place and likes to investigate any different things. Apparently that is common to the “Libra” Star sign… we’re ditsy until we find our passion and then watch out.

So I was asking myself about this year and I’ve come to the conclusion that the few ART CLASSES I did that were centered about Biblical teachings were the ones I most enjoyed, because when I started them, I was new to my “Walk with the Lord” and I didn’t know about what I was learning and so as I was learning new things I really connected well with it and loved it. One of the Classes was “His Kingdom Come” with Shonna and that proved so popular she’s started a whole ning class for the whole can find out more about that here: The class I am most excited to do is called “Take me Deeper 52 verses” and here is a little bit about the class..

Take Me Deeper™ is a free weekly journey at His Kingdom Come beginning Friday, January 2 2015.   Take Me Deeper™ will be a weekly devotional and verse that will prompt us to spending time in His word. It is about each of us encouraging, sharing and studying the word.

 Each week you will get the opportunity to translate bible study into art- mixed media, a journal, a photograph, or a digital page, poem, music. Every Friday HKC will post a verse, devotional, worship video and examples of how we interpreted the bible study in our art.  We pray that these 52 weeks will change how you approach, engage and apply God’s word in your life and art. At the end of the year regardless of how many weeks your participated, you will have created a legacy of the faith walk. This legacy will show you how God has moved in your life!

So I am looking forward to not only my daily devotionals and bible studies but also weekly Art lessons about biblical matters.

In January I am starting a 30 day Journal writing… with Lisa Sonora. I have done previous classes with her and enjoyed them, you can find out more here:

So next it’s time to think about “New Years Resolutions” Do you make them? I make them each year and I usually manage to keep them.

So far for next year I know one of my resolutions is going to be “Dig Deeper into my walk with the Lord” Probably I’ll have something to do with my “weight” and maybe something about my “creativeness” whether that be writing or art or both… but I’ll let you know those closer to 31st December.

So talk to me in the comments section….

  • Do you make New Years Resolutions?
  • Do you keep them? if not why?
  • Are they too big and hard?


NaBloPoMo- Joy- AND announcing “Fantabulous Friday”

Fantabulous Fridays

Each day of the week I have been having a themed day. I have now decided that Fridays will be “Fantabulous”

Most people like Friday’s because it signifies the start of the weekend. So most people would think it’s “Fantaublous

So On Friday’s I’ll touch down on the week and what I have been doing that was “Fantabulous

Today for example was my Grandson’s first birthday.

So lots of presents and unwrapping, and fun and Birthday cake. My second daughter came over for the day with her daughter who turned one two weeks ago, So it was a fun, noisy exciting day. We had pizza and Chocolate cake for dinner.

Now silence has fallen on our home, time for “me time” let’s see what today’s NaBloPoMo Journal prompt is..


Friday, December 5, 2014
What is on your happy playlist?

Oooh, A music question. I have several music pay lists on Spotify, Let me just go check!

On the play list which I have titled “Modern” (laughing), I think obviously I mean stuff on the radio that is current.. in there I have songs like

  • All of me- John Legend.
  • Timber- Ke$sha
  • Skinny Love- Birdy
  • All about the Base- Meghan Trainor
  • Cool Kids- Echosmith

Then in another play list titled “Modern Country” I have things like…

  • Tim McGraw
  • Billy Curringotn
  • Sheryl Crow
  • George Strait
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Kasey Chambers

In yet another play list I have titled “Kim’s Stuff” in there you’ll find a hooch podge of stuff.

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Toby Keith
  • The Fray
  • The Script
  • Kate Miller-Heidke
  • Blake Shelton
  • Elvis Presley

So as you see my music list is like everything else in my life “Eclectic

Feel free to add me as a friend on Spotify if you are on there and feel free to see for yourself what I am listening to. There is also a “Christmas” playlist and a “Christian music” playlist.