Are we there yet? and here’s one I prepared earlier..


Are we there yet?


Here’s one I prepared earlier..over the holidays I had this gorgeous boy my 13 month old Grandson down at our holiday place with us, his Mum works full-time, and he wasn’t sleeping the best by 6.30am he was wide awake and didn’t want to sleep.. so Grandma sacrificed my sleep (I’ll sleep when I’m dead I guess!) and we went walking. This particular day the path besides the beach ran out so we wandered in land and found this reserve and followed a long winding deserted path, I must admit thoughts of murders and hidden bodies flashed through my head! Oh! I meant me getting murdered and my body being hidden!!

Anyways somewhere along the way (I kept telling myself, just go to the next clearing, or the next bend or what’s over that side?) we came to a wooden path way over the salt marshes where they are trying to get the salt marshes to regrow… so that is today’s sign!

Are we there yet? Its not Saturday!

imageAmanda over at   has a weekly challenge where we post a photo of any signs.

I am back at our holiday place for a few days and so of course it’ll be beachy related.



I found this new sign a bit nostalgic. Besides that I liked the colours.

Have you been anywhere? Going anywhere? Share you sign photos with us… Want to join in? Copy the “Are we there yet?” Logo above and write your post and then link it back to Amanda’s or this post. Amanda will be featuring her favourites on her site and you will be sure to get some new visitors. Come and play!

Are we there yet? Super sign Sunday


You can play along here at Amanda’s site!

We are currently away on summer holidays, for a few more days and we have our twelve month old Grandson with us because my Number one daughter doesn’t have holidays. This morning he was awake at 7:00am and didn’t want to lay around so we got dressed and went for an early morning walk. I aim to do 10,000 steps each day walking, so I thought since it was going to be hot let’s get an early start. So 7:30 am found us out walking. I took a new route since I had the pram with me and couldn’t do beach walks.


So here is this week’s sign, complete with a super cute Grandson!!

Supersign Saturday…. Are we there yet?



Don’t forget to visit Amanda and see the other entries :

This week we are away for a “Pre Christmas break” at our beachside place, so we are kicking back not doing much, here are a few signs around us…

Anyone for a beach walk? Skipping shells or just watchinf the pelicans glide by.

Are we there yet? where to this week?


This is a weekly challenge I do with Amanda, over at her blog the link is above, go and visit her, I have always wanted to go to Africa and when I was pregnant with Star Son who is now almost 13 I started reading “Wilbur Smith” and a lot of his books are set in Africa, and of course my other favorite author now sadly passed was Bryce Courtney whose most famous book was “The Power of One” also set in Africa. So I want to go to Africa one day.

So playing along with Amanda who asks “Are we there yet?” I thought I’d bring you all over to my home town and so I started taking pics of some signs, I realized that Sunbury likes to stack their signs, a lot of signs on one post!! Have a look and see what I mean….

You can find out more about Sunbury’s history here:,_Victoria

So welcome to my town and feel free to drop by I’ll put the kettle on!

Super Signs Saturday…”Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”

This is my first post for another challenge.. I decided to make is “Sighs on Saturday” I forgot to ask the organizer if it has to be ‘road signs’ or it could be any sign.. so anyways I’ve chosen this sign for my first post… if it’s wrong I’ll know better for next week..


I chose this one, because I spent another “Heavenly” day in the silence of the Abbotsford convent Zentangling. I love it o much, I wanna live there!